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7 Life Hacks For Back to School

Hey guys today I do another Back to school video. Today’s video I collab with beauty by SL and bring you 7 life hacks for back to school:)HOPE YOU ENJOY AND PLEASE SUB!



➨Beauty by SL’s Channel:
➨There Video:
➨Where I get my green screen overlays:

➨Be my…

7 Comments on 7 Life Hacks For Back to School

  1. I started August 10th as well! Awesome video…?

  2. I had a dream last night and you were in it like you came to stay with me for a sleepover! It was really weird but you were so sweet, just like in real life. I love the video. xoxo

  3. I go back September 8th 

  4. This was such and amazing video and I really enjoyed it

  5. what grade are you on and i was the girl with the little girl who asked you your YouTube account at the bethany mota meet and I added you on instagram mind added me back my ig is hayes_new_wife

  6. 3rd video in my back to school series and I hope you enjoy this video!

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