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7 Money Magic Tricks REVEALED! – How To Magic!

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In this episode of How To Magic, Evan Era teaches 7 Easy to do Money Magic Tricks that anymore can perform! There are magic tricks with coins, dollar bills, and more! Learn how to do these amazing money magic tricks and impress your friends and family! Also, please excuse the scruffy beard and head – it’s No Shave November 🙂

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44 Comments on 7 Money Magic Tricks REVEALED! – How To Magic!

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  6. I want the pen but my parents aren't letting me get one 🙁

  7. this is my magic trick

    Read More

  8. I was talking to this kid and I asked how far away his grandmas House was and he said about 10 to 125 miles away

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  10. semi madness would be a charitable statement as to your condition.

  11. Ex malaysian PM can make money disappear….

  12. Banana Top Cat a love your videos what are you doing right now please send me the quarter

  13. The light behind your head is hurting my eyes 🙁

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  16. I don't know how to spell my name

  17. I am in pre k but I'm 12 years old

  18. Is this channel for kids

  19. my cats fly I liked your videos, LaL Evan era ????

  20. I love your video

  21. I know how to make your money disappear give it to me and I’ll show you

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  26. You are the best person at magic and please send that quarter bite too me

  27. Hey man I need this coin to show my friends a magic
    Please give me I will pray for you


  29. Jellybean circus cat

  30. Didnt even do the first trick right or even complete it smh theres more too it

  31. First Funny Comment: The cats are born by jelly beans. (I think the cats will very tiny xD)

    Second funny comment: One day a dumb guy bought a apple brand computer and ate it. He thought it was a real apple. He say: "Duh, this apple taste funny!"

    Third funny comment: A millionaire ask the maid to bring the garbage out (meaning throwing it away) but the maid thought that to bring it somewhere fun. She brought the garbage to a dinner, movie and the amusement park. She have enough fun and brought it home. The millionaire ask: " Why is the garbage still here? I told you to bring it out!" The maid say: I did bring it out! We have loads of fun. Millionaire: "Get out! You dumbo! Throw that stupid trash away!" Maid: "But we are in love!"
    I hope you enjoy!
    If I won find me in Singapore

  32. I use some these magic tricks my friends excited thanku even era

  33. Please give me that bite quater in indian ruppes

  34. What song do you use for the intro

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