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7 New Tricks for Mi A1 on Android Pie \ What's new in Android Pie for Mi A1!

Get Gcam on your Device!
7 Awesome Feature of Mi A1!
What’s new in Android Pie Update

How to install TWRP on your Mi A1:

Download the ROM here:

Install Google Digital Wellbeing on Any Android Pie Device:…

47 Comments on 7 New Tricks for Mi A1 on Android Pie \ What's new in Android Pie for Mi A1!

  1. how to off button light

  2. Sir mi A1 ka botton light off kaise hoga

  3. How to enable double tap wake up on this phone

  4. Does it support fast charging

  5. How to turn off my navigation button light in mi a1

  6. Don't update to 9 version it have 1000 bugs. My mobile restarts. I did 2 times flash and my network problem after pie update

  7. Can anyone guide me, how to remove the google search bar from the Home Screen? Is it even possible with android 9.0?

  8. Hello! How i turn off buttons light?

  9. How i can stop notification sound when dnd is on ?

  10. That Mi A1 is exactly the same that i have

  11. Акцент – жесть…

  12. But nobody mentioned the google bar in the bottom. Sure not a cool feature.

  13. Anyone else having problems with NETFLIX on Android PIE ????

  14. Have you tried to speak without this awful akcent?

  15. Koi bhi new feature not working

  16. How u enabled temperature in the home screen

  17. how much this mi a1 phone price of nepal

  18. Plz can get u r contact number plz

  19. I've lost vibration in capcitive buttons after turning off "swipe up on the home button feature"(1st trick in video. How to turn it back on, I can't find the option

  20. I don't have accesibility menu. 🙁

  21. After my update to Android 9 / Pie, the hidden WiFi network was not found, even though I added it manually, I tried Factory Reset and Hard Reset but the results were the same: '(

    Please the solution …?

  22. you talking very bad 🙁

  23. Man i don't understand shit

  24. Hi, does anyone know how to create a new page on screen and to activate endless mages from left to right ?

  25. I can't make 4g jio call.. after pie updation

  26. Digital wellbeing is not to find?

  27. bro tell me navigation button light can off without any apk on (mi a1)

  28. Hi, thank you for the video.
    How did you manage to turn on weather forecast on the home screen right next to the date? I can't find this setting.

  29. How to split screen in this new feature?

  30. This is very useful…… thank you

  31. I updated it to pie on my MiA1 but there is no "digital wellbeing" button in my settings?

  32. I miss my MI A1. Why did it have to get stolen? :'(

  33. My Mi A1 is still stuck in Oreo

  34. Hi, would like to ask how to turn on thr "rotate button" in the bottom? Can i use it when the accessibility is on?

  35. I have question
    How to turn of button home light??

  36. I'm updated pie. But sim network not working after pie update.. what can I do..

  37. Is there any solution for the data connection problem in the new update

  38. Navi bar ni aa raha

  39. How you started your navigation bar in mi A1

  40. Bro my mobile also mia1 but not updated pls reply me only November updated only

  41. Mera phone me pie update aaya tha ..90% download krke pause kar dia..phir baad me dekha pir update nhi aa rha….Oreo aata h aur your system is up to date likhaata h……plzzzz bro help me..????????????????????

  42. There is accessibility menu is not coming in mi a1
    Plss help

  43. In my mi a1 there is no option like accessibility menu

  44. Hey I want to implement accessibility button but I can't find accessibility menu on setting > accessibility. Anyone experienced same as me?

  45. How to change font in mi ai?????

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