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7 Producer HACKS in 5 MINUTES (FL Studio 12)

Just some really helpful techniques I use a lot.

A bunch of you are saying you want a part 2.. I will most likely make one! But you have to subscribe other wise you might miss it!

My Software (FL Studio 12):
My Studio Monitors:
My Headphones (best for the price!):
My Sub:
My Microphone (newer version!):
Main Midi Keyboard:
Side Chick…

29 Comments on 7 Producer HACKS in 5 MINUTES (FL Studio 12)

  1. The love filter fidgeting can be avoided and a more precise results achieved with less work by setting a Fruity Peak Controller on the kick and linking the specific frequencies in the Fruity EQ 2 to the peak controller.

  2. That last one was a gem! Bless for that bro!

  3. Incredibly helpful! Thank you so much.

  4. You sir, are a fucking god.



  7. these internet producers getting cringey af..that ad

  8. Great info I subbed and will be turning in

  9. That is a poor sidechain method. If you want to place dots on the automation, why any plugin? Just dot the volume line. FL Limiter is the best way to sidechain in FL Studio. 5 clicks and youre done.

  10. Why would you use love philter with some preset (wtf) instead of simple fruity balance?

  11. Please more hacks video

  12. or you can use a peak controller to sidechain linking whatever you're sidechaining to the kick. easy and saves you from manually shaping the sidechain to suit the kick >_<

  13. nice asher <3 love the last trick

  14. hey look……. a switch

  15. amazing. defiantly subscribed bro!!! thank you so much

  16. Superbbbbbb trick most like last one ????????????????????

  17. I like that final hack with the synths

  18. Wish you would be a little more detailed when explaining what ur doing.

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