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#7 Python Tutorial for Beginners | Python Set Path in Windows and Help

Python Tutorial to learn Python programming with examples
Complete Python Tutorial for Beginners Playlist :
Python Tutorial in Hindi :

In this video we will see :
– How to use Python on Command Prompt (cmd) of Windows
– python command
– set path
– Help command

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44 Comments on #7 Python Tutorial for Beginners | Python Set Path in Windows and Help

  1. mutability is the ability to allow for a change,edit,or any updations

  2. mutable=able to change or modify the contents

  3. can anyone pls help me with this lecture

  4. sir i am not able to set the path how to set please guide me

  5. Excellent vedio sir

  6. mutability means you can update earlier stored values in the data structure

  7. Mutability is nothing but mutableness, which means changeable

  8. sir while installing python ,
    in your videos there was an option to tick for "SET PATH" but you didnt selected it.

  9. Your vedios make me more interested in learning new languages.

  10. Python directly worked in my cmd without setting path of it

  11. But for Ubuntu 18.04?

  12. i cann't set the path

  13. I couldn't set path in windows 8.1 please help me

  14. Sir in my case it directly got Accessed just by writing python

  15. In my IDLE It won't show the help list like whenever I typed help('LISTS') in next line it shows (squeezed text (88 lines).) And I couldn't find the solution please help me Sir….

  16. Mutable: we can change the value.

  17. Mutability means u can change value ..

  18. Mutable means we can change the values

  19. Mutability means we can change values such as in lists

  20. Mutable means change values

  21. Mutability meaning is objects can be changed after it is created

  22. I am using windows 8.1, but i am unable to set path in command prompt.. can u please guide me

  23. Changing of values are known as mutability.

  24. can you help me out with below error

    help> HELP('LISTS')

    No Python documentation found for "HELP('LISTS')".

    Use help() to get the interactive help utility.

    Use help(str) for help on the str class.

    some of the helps are working and get output but some gets the error as mentioned

  25. How to get the python documentation

  26. Just managed to do it. Hope it helps, this is what I did
    1) Searched for Environmental Variables in the search bar
    2) Look at the bottom right of the box that appears, press ok on the Enviromental Variable box
    3) Environmental and System variable box comes up, we want the System box.
    4) Go to Path in the System box, press Edit. This is where you need to paste your Python path and script path.

  27. Problem, trying to get pathway to work. It keeps giving me the following:-
    'python' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

    operable program or batch file.

  28. Unable to do this on Windows 7 PC

  29. command prompt(black display) is the interpreter and python shell(white display) is the IDE. Am I right…!?

  30. sir you are very kind person hahahhhhahahha

  31. I couldn't set path in my Windows 7, 32 bit. Please help

  32. unable to get result for help >LISTS or >>>help('LISTS')
    I am getting error as

    'more' is not recognized as internal or external command.
    operable program or batch file.

  33. And also sir if I want complete knowledge of c what should I prefer if I am a beginner

  34. Thanks sir.Sir is java tougher than c,c++ as I am in a btech first year

  35. How to set a path sir bcoz i don't have a appdata folder in C drive

  36. Macbook , can someone help how to set path in macbook ?

  37. Could you pls help me out to get link of script

  38. its funny how u busy calling us aliens

  39. don't have any folder named "app data" in my user

  40. i cannot set path in those advanced settings. can anyone please help in this

  41. I set the path for python but I can't see the script folder there to set the path of script….help me

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