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7 Salt Life Hacks You Should Know

We’ve put together a list of 7 interesting ways to make that Salt Shaker spice things up!
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Topics Covered:
1. Remove Iron Stains and Gunk
2. Easily Clean Up an Egg
3. Put Out a Grease Fire
4. Easily Remove Grease and Food from Pan
5. Renew a Dish Sponge
6. Get Rid of Bathtub Stains
7. Unclog the Shower Drain

36 Comments on 7 Salt Life Hacks You Should Know

  1. When you make money. You waste it on salt to do these life hacks.

  2. Who says a fourth a cup? It’s a quarter, hence the name of the coin

  3. This is the whitest video on the internet

  4. This video made me salty

    Get it

  5. 0:35 I would rather use an paper towel instead of wasting that much salt

  6. salt can fix everything… except for my broken marrige

  7. I gotta say sounds like a good case of nerve damage if you clean your tub that way,… unless you've got an organic vapor mask.

  8. You could use ut to keep away the demons XD

  9. You are just wasting salt

  10. Hey this is same like baking soda hacks we are not fool's

  11. I'm thinking the salt and turpentine solution may be releasing chlorine gas ????

  12. These transitions are… great.

  13. Yes, cleaning a tub with caustic turpentine is good for the environment and the person using it. Seriously?

  14. 0:42 *still uses a shit ton of paper towels*

  15. how much cans did you use for us

  16. I'm sure you guys will never read this. But this video literally save my apartment tonight. I was trying some potatoes and the oil over boiled hitting the electric stove and starting a fire. I quickly remembered your video and turned off the burner and dumped my salt on the burner putting out the fire quickly. Thank you guys so much

  17. great video, and I love your channel, but… at 1:21 did you just pronounce the ‘s’ in ‘debris’?

  18. The best hack is to pour it near the door and windows to stay safe from ghots

  19. Grease fire? How do I fix it? Let me guess, salt!!

  20. This video was really


  21. Should have titled the video "how to make that juicy youtube money on five bucks of salt"

  22. I have a life hack!
    About to die due to heart cancer

    Put some salt on it

  23. Salt life hack is your food not that seasoned put some salt on an then it’s nice and seasoned

  24. For the amount of salt you used for this vedio it would have lasted more than a month

  25. rat infestation? salt! zombies? salt! vampires? Salt!

  26. Everyone who dislikes this video is probably just salty-ok I'll stop.

  27. love that pussay salt!!!! alll those products are great! you can find them in yuor friends garage. or go get them from that dude down the street. if you arent busy with yt bs

  28. Can I use the salt and turpentine and salt in a plastic tub.

  29. "A fourth of a cup…"

    Never heard it like that before and it just sounds wrong.

  30. how much fucking salt do you have

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