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7 time-saving cleaning hacks you've probably never heard of

Need help removing stubborn stains and scratches from your furniture? Designer, Brian Gluckstein shows us how to keep your home spick and span with seven easy cleaning tricks.

28 Comments on 7 time-saving cleaning hacks you've probably never heard of

  1. It does work 100% agree because my grandma always used news papers to clean the windows in the bathrooms and bedrooms.

  2. I love Barkeeper's Friend…great on stainless steel, cleans my fiberglass tub like magic and it's so inexpensive.

  3. Thanks! Really handy tips!

  4. Paper cups in the waiting areas for show guests please….no ceramics, they are difficult to keep clean.

  5. Bon Ami is better than Bar Keepers Friend. Less abrasive and less toxic.
    Very inexpensive and is so gently effective.
    I no longer use the newspapers due to the ink causing streaks. A spray bottle with water and a little white vinegar and using some of the lint free cloths makes the mirrors and glass topped tables shine beautifully.

  6. Instead of Goo Gone, I use ANY oil and I have even used butter. I have been known to keep the empty butter wrappers in the freezer and rub it on the sticky residue left behind on a jar from a removed label. (Cause I'm extra. Lol.)

  7. Love brian ????????????

  8. Yes, I love the tips . Thank you

  9. Does anyone have an idea for removing candel soot from ceiling walls?

  10. Put your candle holders with dripped wax in the freezer for a few minutes and the wax freezes and comes off easily.

  11. Brian Gluckstein doing cleaning tips? Huh?

  12. Good tips but don’t forget to put on gloves because the newspaper will leave ink residue on your hands.

  13. Te only thing missing is white vinegar!!!

  14. DO NOT use the lemon and salt on fine patterned porcelain.

  15. The best advice is in all the comments. ???? thanks internet people.

  16. Instead of Bar Keeper's Friend you can use Cream of Tartar to remove scratches. No chemicals. Safer. Most people already have it in the house.

  17. Putting your votive holders in a bowl of hot water also works. My mother taught me the newspaper hack 50 years ago when the ink was different. It does not work as well these days. I use paper towels made with bamboo.

  18. Baking soda removes tea stains without damaging the cup. I put mine in a glass sugar shaker and keep it at the sink. Just place a few shakes into cup, a wet cloth or a few drops of water with a damp cloth and rub. Rinse and dry. Use the baking soda for any non scratch cleaning that is needed.

  19. Olive oil in candle bottoms….I’d ask a fireman how great of an idea that is. ????

  20. Barkeepers friend works on sinks made from anything NOT porcelain that you can’t use abrasive cleaner on. This is very light.

  21. Loved these tips!!! So excited to try this on my plates and cups esp!

  22. I like to keep one spray bottle filled with water and dish soap for general cleaning and another filled with bleach and water for things like sterilizing and stains on a coffee mug. If you have coffee and/or tea stains on porcelain just spritz it down with some of that and let sit for a few mins. It will magically be like new. It also works on plastic bowls you kept foods like spaghetti in and are now stained red.

    Now if you have a lot of that just like she mentioned they had there (I know she was exaggerating) then you can just fill a bowl or sink with some water and bleach and soak them and knock them all out at the same time. BOOM!

    If you use good ole Joy dish washing soap mixed with water, you can clean glass just fine and leave no residue. It's a trick I learned from the car window tinting industry and is actually the best thing you can do for glass.

  23. I have white boots that picked up the colour of a black boot that was accidentally placed next to it in a wardrobe and I can’t get it out. Please help.

  24. That Barkeeper friend will take the glaze off the dishes eventually. Don't use that on your expensive dishes.

  25. I love Goo Gone. It works better on removing labels than anything else I've tried.

  26. Bleach instantly removes silverware marks from dishes. No rubbing.
    Citrus magic or pure citrus spray work like goo gone to remove residue, but also remove oil stains from laundry and freshen the air.

  27. OMG I finally got my hands on the cleaning agent Bar Keepers Friend and used it on my dishes and it worked. They look like new. THANK YOU!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW

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