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7 TIPS AND TRICKS for FIREALPACA You Never Knew About! Tutorial

????????????Thanks for Watching!!!????????????
Complete Firealpaca Beginner Tutorial:
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This is the first time I’ll ever done something like this! Sorry If I sound a little nervous .3. I tried not talk about obvious tips like “hold shift to make a straight line” or stuff like that. I really hope this helps!!

First song:
Second Song:…

30 Comments on 7 TIPS AND TRICKS for FIREALPACA You Never Knew About! Tutorial

  1. This helped me so much, thank you!!

  2. wander over yonder also thank u for these shortcuts

  3. realy good video, thank you

  4. Your video was so awesome! I didn't know most of these tips


  6. Wander over yonder

  7. agh!! i love the craig mccracken things!

  8. draft layer help me a lot ty

  9. Tbh I used a touch screen laptop, so I needed help with zoning in without shortcut keys since it was tacky for me

  10. O g ???????? I've been using firealpaca for like 3 years. And most of this stuff I didnt know ty

  11. OMG THX SO MUCH now I can animate more better 😀

  12. how to upload an firealpaca dmg file into youtube?

  13. I didn't know the draft layer shortcut or the Z one! Thanks! ^-^

  14. Holy shit so many of these i needed to know

  15. i like how you talk

    auomaclicly NICE

    no hate tho helped me alot

  16. if you wanna fill a whole space but the fill tool doesnt quite reach the edges: click area with magic wand tool, go to 'select' on the menu bar along the top and click 'expand' – change it to 4 (so it expands 4 pixels) and you should be able to fill the space right up to the line art much cleaner

  17. Wooo your drawings are so goood

  18. You can click on the brush preview window to reset the size, too

  19. For some reason my Navigator stays grey when I open the program and start drawing, any tips?

  20. wow, this helps me alot because i'm still a beginner in digital art
    thank you :)????

  21. 1:47 oH BoY I wish I was right handed so I can dO THIS

  22. Will this make life easier? Anyway THANK YOU SO MUCH

  23. Yeah! You really helped. Thank you 🙂

  24. in fire alpaca how do I get the circle in the middle of my cursor while drawing

  25. black
    i wish it back again

  26. this was super helpful thank you!

  27. i didn't know some of this, thanks, mate!

  28. Will this help me get a job on family guy? or Anime?

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