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7 TIPS AND TRICKS You Probably Didn’t Know About (League of Legends)

Let’s look at 7 things you probably didn’t know existed, I use these tips and tricks a lot!
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38 Comments on 7 TIPS AND TRICKS You Probably Didn’t Know About (League of Legends)

  1. In my 45 years of playing league of legends I never new inhibs had a bar showing when they respawn.

  2. Hahaha, I knew about all of these, but it's mostly because I'm a semi-professional coach of the game and have been playing for 8 years! xD

    Time to get a job.

  3. Ok i just started the vid i see one thing i know i am disliking the video 🙂

  4. Tip

    just win Loool

  5. For the rune page one, tbh if ur playing draft you got a lot of time to make it.

  6. I'll be dead serious here, playing video games with cold hands and feet reduces my skill by up to 40% I'm glad this dude noticed it too 😀

  7. THANKS for the ward tip. It doesn't usually make a difference, but I sometimes play Talon, and duskblade disables wards, but then the midlaner is still able to see me and I never get why. Now I can play a lot better with that item.

  8. What championnat are you playing there?

  9. I'm late, and this is so old it's RENGAR-ed useless ????????

  10. You can check masteries on opgg and know exactly what masteries your opponent is using. Also, the only way to have the (full) cooldown mastery is to have 17 points in cunning, so you can tell from just the capstone in most cases.

  11. Great video, but why the f*ck is it sooooo dark?! My brightness is at full and I can barely see what's going on.

  12. After watching this video, Little James tried to get out of bronze
    putting his hands in the oven…
    He is now challenger xD

  13. livet er dejligt

  14. stopped watching after tip 1, cool story but how is this usefull

  15. Fucking vigara videos. Fuck you. Nothing special here that u cant watch in 100 other vids.

  16. Why does his LoL screen look so different from mine?? We're both on pc…

  17. i knew all things, but nice tips for new players

  18. Good tips, the tune page one is very clever

  19. Here's a good trick just play the game, and practice 0-0

  20. Hey Phy, love your videos and know this is quite old but I think it's worth mentioning that if you put a control ward next to your wall in the mid lane bush, it actually won't see a ward placed in the same bush at the opposite wall.

  21. very very useful tips

  22. I already know about the inhibitor.

  23. how can Lee sin use the trinket trick his blind he can't see anyone coming even they use trinket

  24. are you rengar main ?

  25. i already now every single 1 of those ypu noob

  26. I was here thinking I will see some cool sion wall jumb kinda tricks…
    Everyone know these stuff xp…

    You dont need to tell me to put my hands in my pants..
    I always do when I play ahri or sona xp

  27. i knew that already but i don't apply it all in game :3

  28. Thx a lot for the rune page one

  29. Can i translate this video? I want to sub this and all the copyright is yours

  30. Thank you for the tricks so helpful
    and for the 3rd one …. i play Evlynn 😀

  31. the rune page trick is so cool

  32. You can easily warm hands by wetting a towel (or several paper towels) then putting the damp towel in the micro for about a minute. Then take it out and put it into a sealed plastic bag (like a zip lock- so you stay dry). Stays hot all game when you need to keep hands warm 🙂

  33. I live in Finland and always I play LoL my hands are so cold

  34. Does that ward trick work with Shaco boxes and or every other ward substitute? Is it just wards and shrooms? That wouldn't make sense.

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