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7 Tips & Tricks to catch ’em all in Pokemon Sun and Moon | Austin John Plays

Austin John Plays here for some tips, tricks, and handy piece of info for every trainer in Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon to help fill their pokedex.

Information about Exploration, SOS Mechanics, finding evolved forms, fishing, trading, GTS, QR codes and Evolutions.

In-game trades available
Konikoni City’s Pokémon Center – Poliwhirl (for your zubat)
Route 2 Pokémon Center – Machop (for spearow)
Pokemon Center in Tapu Village – Graveler/Golem (Haunter)
Sushi High Roller in Malie City -…

40 Comments on 7 Tips & Tricks to catch ’em all in Pokemon Sun and Moon | Austin John Plays

  1. How do I get nidoran

  2. I've gotten to the point where I love your videos just for the commentary alone I don't even watch them for tips and tricks anymore extremely entertaining and when I first got started they were very helpful thank you

  3. I'm wonder tradering like 5 Iv bagons cause I have soo many lol.

  4. People can be so rude. I loved your passive aggressive response.

  5. Well I got an arceus in wonder trade for yungoos lol guess I’m lucky

  6. I like how he starts the video with he sorry for screwing up then he said s.o.s meant "Save are souls" or "Save are ship" when it means nothing at all s.o.s has no meaning its just to show sings of distress or danger… Noob

  7. You’re wrong about bagon’s encounter rate, it’s encounter rate is 1%

  8. FUN FACT SOS never stood for anything, they made it those letters because it's super easy to remember in morse code (3 dots, 3 dashes, 3 dots)

  9. BEOFRE ( also why does that sound like a pokemon)

  10. Actually ive gotten level 100 volcanion and level 100 shiny arceus on wonder trade

  11. I got marshadow. Shiny Diancie and keldeo from wonder trade so. Wonder trade is amazing

  12. I got a kantoian ninetales shiny on wonder trade

  13. hate gts like say i need a feebas for feebas to get milotic they want milotic and legends for it ppl r dumb who knows what ppl r doing for magikarp gyarados ehh not bad but some idiotic people probaly ask for legends for magikarp if they do they retards

  14. Team Cyndaquill

  15. I got arceus through wonder trade!

  16. and also i got a lv 100 hoopa and umbreon from wonder trade

  17. Mfw I got a lvl 100 ho oh on wonder trade

  18. How can I even considering disliking a video with such high quality stuff in it? To the Like button with that mouse of mine!

  19. You can just evolve bounsweet into steenee

  20. There is no national pokedex LOL

  21. i got a pokers gigalith from wonder trade

  22. I got a shiny Mew and Gallade through wonder trade

  23. SOS doesn't stand for anything…

  24. I got a lvl 100 ninetails from wondertrade soooo…

  25. Oh frick you austin we all know popplio is the best and HE ISNT A RETARTED SEAL IF YOU SAY THAT ONE MORE TIME I WILL REPORT YOU what if he never wanted to be a popplio its not hid fault plus hes cuter than litten #TeamPopplio

  26. There is no National dex just so you know

  27. I got shiny celesteela in wondertrade

  28. I got lvl 100 arceus

  29. There is no national dex in sun and moon which is stress relieving if you want a shiny charm
    Also i finally finished 2 thirds of the alola dex

  30. I got marshadow through wonder trade

  31. How i get popplio without gts????

  32. This an interesting and usefull video

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