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7 Tricks Everyone With A Camera Should Know

Have fun testing these out!
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44 Comments on 7 Tricks Everyone With A Camera Should Know

  1. 1:34 is that adam(from worth it)

  2. Name of song please.

  3. Really cool video! If anyone is looking for an amazing action camera to capture footage even better than a Go-Pro, use this link to get $25 off the new Revl action camera:

    Just give it a look, I promise there's no weird spam re-direct. The tech behind the camera is pretty genius in my opinion

  4. Awesome tricks…
    Thanks a lot…

  5. LOL WTF>…. Cheap SoftBox Your Cost: $23
    from Ali Express or chinese website we can order at $6 with no effort included 😛 + free shipping

  6. anyone know tthe song?

  7. fake video is fake.the original video is made my cooph channel.its fakt ani stolen from that channel

  8. Very interesting video, but…also I want to know the name of the song. (lol)

  9. A cheap, easier alternative for a lightbox is a clear plastic storage box ($4-5), some white poster board ($0.50-1.00), and tape ($1).

  10. koizumi from danganronpa 2 must see these tricks

    maybe she will love them

  11. I think alot of people don't know how a camera works because they point it at their but and not there face

  12. OH MAH GOD! I CAN AFFORD A $300 CAMERA BUT NOT A $5 TRIPOD! IF that statement applies to you, you need to seriously rethink your life.

  13. Pay 23$ for a diy light box when you can buy a real one for 15$.Logic.

  14. theres a blanana in the ceiling! (Meanwhile in the washing machine) Its his cousin PEESH!

  15. i know how to do the light painting and still photography, 😀

  16. 5 dollars for a cardboard box? 3 bucks for a piece of string? Is Buzzfeed a government agency?

  17. This video is so useful!

  18. Sooo annoying, no effort with these videos at all

  19. can i do the bokeh on a point&shoot camera

  20. light painting isn't a trick…

  21. Can buzzfeed create a gimble hack

  22. these are just basics!!

  23. wat da moosic doe

  24. As in everyone with a smartphone

  25. If you throw your camera as hard as you can it charges instantly

  26. Does somebody has a mitsuba tc-5000 D? Because I do but I don't know how to use it. Can somebody help me pls?

  27. I don't know about America but here In Australia anything made out of cardboard is free for example houses cars boxes

  28. lol the cup one is so helpful

  29. For the light box it's best to not have the lamp too close to the box or t-shirt, to avoid a fire hazard, lamps can get hot.

  30. A box costs the same as a tee? Boxes are totally free in Iceland

  31. +Chelsea Crockett Watch this vid!!!!!

  32. My Father Can Do The Flashlight Camera Trick And He Can Draw Cartoon Characters Like Spongebob And Patrick

  33. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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