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7 Tricks Get Broken Key Out Yourself – Any Lock or Key

7 different tricks to get that broken key out of any lock
how anyone can remove a broken key from any lock with common household tools. doors, cars, trucks, boats, helecopters, snowmobiles, padlocks, heavy machinery. simple demo video from
quick and informative broken key removal vid from the handyman zone. watch and learn how to get the broken key stub out of any lock with common household tools, saving the locksmiths minimum $300 service call charge

using a cheap lock for visual plaY ,…

36 Comments on 7 Tricks Get Broken Key Out Yourself – Any Lock or Key

  1. Well done! My (broken) key is not that type (it's the other one with the little round safety shallow holes in its surface) but GIVEN THE PRICE (200 euros to say the least) I will have to pay to a bloody locksmith here in Marathon/Greece I think I'll give it a try first thing in the morning and I'll all let you know of my outcome-

  2. I used a paperclip.

  3. Great video! Since it works on helicopters will this work for a missile silo?

  4. Can i still remove it, if it stuck very deep

  5. This video totally saved me from having to call the lock Smith when I broke our key in the lock. Got the WD-40 and a basic screw driver set from Target. Sprayed the lubricant and then used both the 1.4 mm and 2.0 mm ends to get the key out (using one to pry from the bottom of the key hole and the other to pry from the top of the key hole at the same time) Worked like a charm. Thank you for posting this video!!

  6. $350 is a little much for a service call for a locksmith…We charge $79.50 for the service call in the Nashville area…Mr Rekey

  7. Worked great on my garage door. No room to slide the hacksaw blade on the side but used on the bottom of the key. Very easy!

  8. I love you bro????????????????

  9. Great tips. The hacksaw blade worked a treat.

  10. TY SO MUCH!! I used the WD40 and a dental hygiene pick (I had one on hand, cheap from Walgreens, etc). Took seconds, saved lots of trouble and moolah 🙂

  11. Thanks man. You saved me a lot of money.

  12. I love this guy! If I can get the broken key outta my 'new" rv at the tow yard, it will be awesome! (tbc…)

  13. Bonus tip, make certain the lock is spun in a direction that allows the key to be removed. If it isn't, you might be fighting yourself

  14. Thanks so much! It worked! I used WD40 and a small knife.

  15. Thanks Dino. It took a few attempts to catch an edge of the key but it worked. Saved me a couple of hundred. Very happy ????

  16. Thanks! The scroll saw blade worked great!

  17. Thank you so much! What worked for me was WD-40 and a big needle, inserted at just the right place and angle. I tried a few things, by even so it only took a few minutes.

  18. Thanks mate, you saved me 350 bucks

  19. Dude awesome video! I used the coping saw blade method on a cylinder lock and BOOM! I did have to trim the blade at the end to make it just a bit skinnier but it worked! Thank you thank you!

  20. Thanks Dino, great tips. The key extraction trick with saw blades just saved me a lot of expense on a bike lock.

  21. thanks for the tips you just saved me a shit ton of money

  22. Thankyou for your advice. Your video was the first and only one i needed, to remove a broken key buried deep within a motorcycle top box. Its saved the box, and my work, as i use it daily.
    Now i just need to find a stronger key, as its not the first time the Honda key has broken, and both times its been in the same place on the key.
    Unfortunately its not as simple as cutting a new one, because the immobiliser tag is integral to the key. Now I'll just have to carry a spare, and a set of needle tweezers on me!

  23. thanks a lot Man, i spend money on hack saw and turns out it easier to extract broken key than cutting the lock. just use the oil and the tiny saw just as you said

  24. These aren't fucking tricks. these are solution that are DUH!!!

    I'm stuck locked in and can't go get tools….a "trick" is no tools…..god damn glad i FF'd thru this

  25. method #2 worked wonders for me! Unscrewed the whole lock (it was a "block" with the cylinder on the external side), sprayed with wd 40 and then bumped it on the garage floor till the key came out! Thanks for sharing, this saved me 50-100 euros for the locksmith!

  26. Rick: Dino, you're a prince. !! Thanks lots for your intelligent instruction on how to do-it-myself, and not pay a major locksmith fee ! I am not that handy, but thru your instruction I got the broken S.O.B out of the front door lock, even tho it slipped further in on the first try. Great feeling at the end ! And I'm no longer a frustrated home owner yelling at my kids or my dear wife, either. I handled it myself. Thanks again. !!!

  27. but does it blend?

  28. I was literally locked out of my house for a few hours. So I turned to Youtube. Saw this vid. Opened up the garage and 15 minutes later I was inside and warm. Thanks @Dino Pinch

  29. what about helicopters?

  30. Hey great tips, thanks for putting this online.

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