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7 Tricks Grandmasters ABUSE That You Don’t – Overwatch

Overwatch – 7 OP Tips and Tricks Grandmaster Players use every game! ????Leave a ‘Like’ if You Enjoyed!????
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27 Comments on 7 Tricks Grandmasters ABUSE That You Don’t – Overwatch

  1. I've always used my arm when I'm on a mouse because I had to play on a weird surface we're I couldn't rest my wrist so that step is down

  2. Time To Get A Bigger Mouse Pad…

  3. Anyone else get pissed off when he keeps saying “Auna” instead of Ana.

  4. I like to lead but most of the time i get called a squeaker. I do indeed flame if a person is jsut bad


  6. I can't even win a qualifying match, and I know to do 1….

  7. Yes guys listen to the plat player

  8. I know a trick! If you are Junkrat, place down the trap, but put the bomb on it too. Go play, and when it tells you someone stepped on your trap, blow up the bomb!

  9. this video is stupid

  10. 3 dps 3 support is the best comp

  11. 3:11 U killed Steven Suptic @SugarPine7

  12. plat gameplay lol

  13. I was in a 1v4, and I killed myself on accident. Then I realized what I was doing was a pro tip. 😉

  14. The video title should of included: For PC gamers only
    Honestly no helpful tips with this unless your a PC gamer

  15. My aim is better on console than this videos, by far

  16. First 2 facts is What evryone higher then Gold does

  17. good tips for a n3wb, thanks

  18. I came here expecting some intresting infos but all i get are stuff i already know Form CS.

  19. The boobs in the thumbnail trick

  20. Personally, I think the whole killing yourself tactic should earn a penalty.

  21. Effect uses wrist though

  22. I feel stupid for asking this but what does poke mean?

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