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7 Tricks & Tweaks To Speed Up Photoshop CS6 Performance

Photoshop CS6 is arguably the best release of the image manipulation app from Adobe in a very long time. It’s feature packed and generally quite fast, but not everyone is pleased with it’s performance on some hardware, So let’s speed It up

22 Comments on 7 Tricks & Tweaks To Speed Up Photoshop CS6 Performance

  1. Thank you!!! It was taking me forever to render a video and this really helped.

  2. did everything you said on windows 7 pc, still got brush lag issue :[

  3. oh my gosh this halped me alot thank you so much now ı use photoshop cs6 all the time!

  4. I'm still having issues with photoshop cs6 on my macbook pro not responding to first few times I try undoing a brush stroke. please help, it's extremely frustrating as even scrolling after using my wacom brush seems to only respond after I draw another stroke

  5. for me i cant even do anything with photoshop.

  6. that echo is so annoying

  7. i just try out trial version of ps but my PC seems to be low even for your option advices ,  🙁 everything i wanna do in ps takes very long time,

  8. Does it work with photoshop elements 11?

  9. arrrr Window PC's are farrrrrrr better than Macs…

  10. Great video thanks so much this helped a ton!

  11. that didn't help at all when I wan to use gradient it lags and dose a long loading window takes forever any help?

  12. Great job!  Thank you!

  13. you did'n't say what the things you say to uncheck do.

  14. thanks animated zoom was my problem now I can use this trial!

  15. hmm, true… but what if Morgan Freeman was to speak? (awesome)

  16. if you would speak more slowly and open your mouth while talking i would really appreciate that
    but except for that thanks for the tips

  17. lol, you sound like God w/ the deep voice & echo. Teach me about Photoshop, God. Teach me. Thx for the tips.

  18. Nice video man, I don't use photoshop as much as I did before but when I used to use it, I'm pretty sure this would have been helpful. Just great video 

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