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7 USEFUL Genji Tricks Grandmasters ABUSE That You Don’t! – Overwatch

Overwatch – 7 USEFUL Genji Tricks Grandmasters ABUSE That You Don’t! Some OP genji tricks to up your game!
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41 Comments on 7 USEFUL Genji Tricks Grandmasters ABUSE That You Don’t! – Overwatch

  1. Stolen gameplay? Cuz you didn't credit Shadder in the description

  2. “When paired with ana…paired with ana” wtf as if every match has a friendly ana

  3. these genjis in the video have a pocket healer, even a healer is super rare in lower ranks

  4. 11:18 so that combo is amazingly improbable, trust me, instead there's a way better combo. It's alt fire (at least 2 shurikens hit) melee and dash, with another alt fire (again at least 2 shurikens hit) and melee. 222 damage assuming you hit 4 shurikens, 2 melees and a dash

  5. This is wrong these tips are retardedly stupid you should ask a master genji like me or a grandmaster genji before you make a video about genji like the fan the shurikens trick is right but you didn’t touch on his rapid fire shots with canceling also you didn’t bring up speed wall flicking wtf

  6. Genji has a dragonstrike now?!!?!

  7. 7:05 dragonstrike…. Genji….

  8. It’s dragon blade not strike

  9. thing is, you shouldnt always double jump as he seems to state here, it atleast doesnt work for me since youre quite easy for, for example, a hanzo to hit while falling

  10. This actually helped me get better as Genji

  11. No need to watch. This is how you play Genji after 8 hours and your healers actually do their job. For the rest of ye just pick torb on attack and stand AFK next to the Sym in spawn like the rest of the silver to gold players.

  12. These aren't grandmaster tips he's just explaining basic genji mechanics like his resets

  13. 7 USEFUL Genji Tricks Platinums ABUSE That You Don't! – Overwatch

  14. dragon strike????

  15. 4:53 Is this guy boosted? STOP SPAMMING RIGHT CLICK

  16. I stopped listening to you when you said "Fortnite"

  17. Can a genji deflect projectiles that was deflected by the enemy genji?

  18. I do these things literally all the time, but somehow it just doesn't get me good results

  19. He called it dragon strike instead of dragonblade at 7:00

  20. DRAGON BLADE not strike thats hanzos ult

  21. Animation cancel and a deflect is so good cuz it baits out attacks

  22. Bronze genji tips you should know*

  23. “THAT YOU DON‘T“

  24. Top 500 genji player doesn’t know the name of his ult

  25. It’s dragonblade!!!!! NOT STRIKEEEE

  26. People saying they already know all of these tips but do you actually implement all of these when you are in the game. Everyone forgets these small details when you are mid game so it's easy to say "I learnt nothing from this video" when you might have learnt nothing but mid game you forget most of these basic but small details.

  27. how the HECK do you dash multapul times!

  28. I always get play of the game with gunji before I watched this I learned how to play him

  29. Grandmaster tips from plat and also using shadders clips instead of your “grandmaster genji”

  30. What if its hanzo 2?

  31. How to be a good Genji, step one. Spam abilities. Step two, hit I need healing even if you're on full health. Step three, blame your team when you lose. Congrats! You're now a Genji main!


  33. Thank you so much this helped me get better

  34. I think you need b roll!

  35. When hanzo had scatter

  36. i don't usually play genji but when i have tried him for fun i can't seem to be able to land many alternate fire hits, any tips for that (besides getting gud)?

  37. He isn't a ninja he's a samurai, samurai use two swords unlike Ninja's

  38. Was that a ghost dash?

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