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7 Ways to Control an Android Device From PC

Read the full post: | This video will show you 7 cool ways to control your Android device from a PC. Whether you want to mirror your screen, share files, send messages or more, let’s dive in!

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21 Comments on 7 Ways to Control an Android Device From PC

  1. Dude please what keyboard and mouse are you using i want that thin small keyboard and nice mouse too please tell me

  2. How da feck idz possibl to be
    such fit n clever af as diz dude?

  3. how to set up in ubuntu

  4. SideSync is no longer available in google play??

  5. My young friend: if you want to share in a worlwide way your very important knowlodgement please do not forget to speak not so fast. I suggest another video edition. Congratulations and thank you.

  6. Vysor is now locked all features behind a paywall, so eff that.

  7. I recently purchased an Android tablet. It is now connected to my wifi network and the tablet itself tells me it is all working. Yet I cannot get the browser to turn on. How do you get the browser to come on after you connect the tablet to the wifi network? I clicked a link in the tablet and get an error message saying it cannot connect to the website. What am I doing wrong? If anyone knows the answer please do respond!

  8. What monitor your using I am in love with that

  9. Wtf is that voice?! IT hurts my ears and my brain.

  10. MyPhoneExplorer is also quite cool

  11. why does he move his head so much

  12. Termux, with openSSH.
    Nothing else needed.

  13. Why do I have a feel like this is Dwarf's Mamba bigger brother ?? 😀

  14. Does this work with iOS?

  15. Thank you for your help. After installing 5 different apps that did not work with your help I found Side Sync which did not work either but found Samsung Flow based on that.

  16. Time to try everquest on my tablet

  17. My phones screen is broken lime black screen not working and all im here for is to know if thrres a way to shut it down without using touchscreen cause the alarm keeps going off every day

  18. He looks like Dwarf mamba

  19. how MI photo take snapshot from a person mobile and collecting data through facebook and my online browsing of my system.
    how to stop or remove that machine connect. we use the same ip address from our cyber cafe. kindly help me

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