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7 Ways to Remove Write Protection from Pen Drive or SD Card 2018 | Tech Zaada

Learn How to Remove Write Protection from Pen Drive or SD Card using these 7 Methods.
have you ever had “The Disk is Write Protected” problem? if so, then you don’t have to worry. Write Protected is a very common problem among SD Cards and USB drives. but its also a very annoying. if your SD card or USB flash is write protected, you can not copy paste, delete, edit or format your USB device. and in this video, i have covered 7 Different ways to Remove Write Protected from SD card.
here are…

36 Comments on 7 Ways to Remove Write Protection from Pen Drive or SD Card 2018 | Tech Zaada

  1. abe kuch bii nhi hoo rha fake he too

  2. My usb reads on windows 10 but it shows corrupted on my windows 7 pc
    Please reply or make a video on it

  3. Hey for your info what the guy didn't say about removing write protection, it can only be removed by the very computer messed it up!



  6. Man everything I I tried failed. This video saved me! Thank you!

  7. LoL all this time write protection switch was on, on my SD card reader ????????.

    I'm ded ????????

  8. hey bro u have persian songs ? are u persian ?

  9. Just simply turn up the little button on the left side of the SD card

  10. bhai main nay sare try kiye but fir bhi mera SD card teek ni ho raha

  11. Thank u sir . Good job .Now my sd card is proper

  12. waste of time… scan disk 32 gb 3.0

  13. didn't even solve your problem…

  14. Strange, it seems that this article is saying to set the value to 0 instead of 1 for the write policies.

  15. great video! thank you so much… but a little bit of correction at the 06:00 the value should be 0 and not 1… it works fine from me afterwards… 🙂

  16. non of them worked for me..such a waste of time

  17. "I dont care about my files"

    Cries on the inside

  18. ur all the 7 ways are useless


  20. Thanks…
    It's really works..

  21. Hey! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I couldn't get my sd cards to work because of this exact error and after watching your video I was able to fix the issue so that I could backup all my youtube video data. You made it super easy to understand so that I didn't feel lost or overwhelmed. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! =D

  22. i love walter white!!!

  23. The only best way is the 3 guys … if it didnt work probably because you didnt push the side button enough just like what happened to me i just realize i didnt push enough

  24. I used method to repair my Samsung sd card and it worked, thanks

  25. Thank you so much for the help.
    Step #3 work's on my Micro SD card.

  26. thanks a lot for all these many methods, but no one of them work with my flash. I think my flash has the same write-protection error but with physical damage. again thank you so much.

  27. I've tried all 7 methods and none of them solved my problem. After all I solve my problem using method #8. Method 8: Purchase a new USB flash drive and get a sledgehammer and beat the crap out of the old one. Quite satisfying after all.

  28. hey fellah are you iranian? mortaza pashaei hoseyin tavakoli ! WTF is that Songs ! pls reply

  29. Bhaiii kuch new fanda batooooo 2memory card ho gayiii asy he khrabbb

  30. Bro thanks alot 1000% work same card hai mere pas samsung ka button on tha ty

  31. Die!!!!!! ????????

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