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8 Mind-Blowing Ways To Use Your Hair Dryer

Your Hair Dryer can do so much more than you thought! Try some of these awesome alternate uses. We’ll show you how to inflate an air mattress, open up sealed letters, remove candle wax and a lot more! Subscribe click here:…


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20 Comments on 8 Mind-Blowing Ways To Use Your Hair Dryer

  1. hey i have a question….if i blow dry multiple plastic bags can i make a near solid piece of plastic? using 30 gallon black bags…

  2. use it to blow warm air into the base of your sleeping bag. Adding a joule thief circuit would make it run off a 1.5v battery.

  3. You Wanna Know Something Creepy He Has The Same Carpet As Me :OOOO

  4. Was listening…. great tips!

  5. Mind BLOWING ok we got the thumbnail

  6. 8 hair dryer hack you should know

    no no too beauty guru

  7. Can i use a hairdryer for drying my clothes?

  8. In 1:02 the dog was so cute

  9. I love how your dog got concerned when you fell over at 48 seconds

  10. your dog is fricking adorable

  11. Waste of electricity

  12. my mind– and hair– have been blown.

  13. :48 your dog was worried about you

  14. They just ran out of intro's,didn't they

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