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8 No Man’s Sky Next Tips And Tricks To Conquer Space

No Man’s Sky Next basically reinvents the game, so why not try our tips and tricks to survive the vastness of space. This No Mans Sky Next guide reveals how to make easy money, how to buy cheap ships and why you should farm alien eggs. Because that can’t go wrong, right?

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These are the tips and tricks that have been making No Man’s Sky Next more fun to play – a more regular supply of…

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36 Comments on 8 No Man’s Sky Next Tips And Tricks To Conquer Space

  1. Great video, really useful. The scanner tip in particular. I got one and was getting about 18k for plants. Then I got a second one and now I get 43k per plant and anywhere up to 220k per creature. And now I'm rich 😀

  2. Dig a tunnel under the whispering eggs. It makes your life so much easier

  3. late reply but you can actually put the larvae eggs in a refinery and get 50 nanites per egg

  4. I would be down for a pvp setting

  5. This was the best guide I've seen so far. Great work!

  6. very helpful like and sub

  7. Larval cores are worth more processed into nanites than being sold IMO.

  8. Yes! Bought this when it came out and hated now love! Just need some Satie in the background while getting destroyed by space pirates and you’re good to go

    Edit: also good tech at downed freighters

  9. Got my frigate on the 1st jump. Also got an item worth over 3m before that

  10. To save credits I buy Exosuit inventory slots on space stations which cost 10,000 and for Cargo inventory slots I use Drop Pods as they are basically the same cost for everything. Cargo inventory slots on space stations are 50,000.

  11. one real ez way to make units is by finding a planet that has salvage scrap or ancient bones (in gold colour symbol) which means rear.
    then just mark that planet and you can come back again n again there to farm money quickly. Btw a golden salvage scrap or ancient bone can be worth randomly from 100,000 to 3 mil ..

  12. I seriously thought I am such an ass when you touched the exo-suit technician hologram and it was an actual update piece

  13. put scanner modules below your main scanner for bonus – the same with guns and other modules

  14. Those eggs that ive been destroying this whole fkkkkn time i thought they were spawning those aliens i could have been a billion units rich

  15. How do I stop the man from continually moving backwards

  16. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK i passed up like a whole base of eggs!!!!! Welp looks like im going back f that i need those dollar bills!
    ha ha ha

  17. Great tips with great explanations. Thanks!

  18. I've got about 80 hours in this so far and i can point a few things in the video:
    1 with the whispering eggs be sure to go around and damage each egg until its close to breaking, after that save, then start going around to quickly break as many of them till your shield goes down.
    After that go inside or on top of the building to recharge and repeat.
    This way it takes four times as less and the risk is smaller .
    2. Best way to make money is to go around manufacturing plants( find them with your beacon and navigation data).
    Keep going until you get a blueprint for superconductors, those sell for 1,5 mil each.
    Building them is easy, craft or buy semiconductors and get the other material by raiding planetary depos with your ship( drones cant attack your ship, just dont go in space)
    I can make 40-50 mil a hour easy.

  19. My wisdom is. If your ball doesn’t fit in your mouth, then it’s not yours. Quote from the dog of wisdom

  20. Where's best to look for a planet similar to the one in the intro?

  21. Gross. Go to a extreme weather radiation planet, gather storm crystals a stack of 5 is worth about 750k at -9%. Now I take the Exobike and load up on 140+ crystals, which will go for about 20 million units. Takes about one hour to stock up with that much crystals. Now enjoy the newfound wealth.


  23. Laughed so hard at 'youll never be as cool as EJO'. Great video, thank you

  24. So trying all these

  25. The answer is salt…

  26. I started 2 days ago and this guy randomly came and gave me enough things to selll to make 100 million credits I feel like I cheat Ed

  27. Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gun
    (New Rock, Paper, Scissors)
    Trump beats Hillary
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  28. After swapping ships go back to the original ship that you salvaged and it will let you buy it back for 0 units. And then wrinse and repeat for more ships

  29. Lol gorgeous metallic back side got my like.

  30. i found with the eggs farming them was easy with the big long buildings you abuse the spawn mechanic, i could have a team with me if the game aloud it and we could clear it super quick as what i do is i shoot 1 egg on 1 side the instant kill creatures spawn i got the core im on the roof, and then i head to the complete opposite side and start clearing out all the eggs, you got a limited window doing this before the creatures find a way to get close and kill you but you can get 1 pile at a time usually before they get around the walls so like 4-5 eggs in a row

  31. If not used for blueprints, technology salvage is good for units. From 400,000 to 2,000,000 units with 30 of tek salvage. 15 = 800,000

  32. I’m like 10 hours in and never saw the cargo on the back pack lol

  33. How about "Money bois"

  34. damn. i remember the first time i broke a whispering egg. jesus…

  35. Lol, I got a scanner upgrade that boosts the units you get from fauna and flora by a stupidly high amount. I'm getting 200 units for minerals, about 54 thousand units for flora, and a crazy 240 thousand units for fauna.

    I doubled my wallet by scanning a pterodactyl-looking thing that flies

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