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20 Comments on Accessing The Administrator Account Using CMD (Windows 7) Tutorial

  1. mine says access denied . DAFUQ?

  2. seriously?you need to know a administrator account before you can be a administrator.WOW.this dumb

  3. If you run Command Prompt as administrator on and account that is not an admin, it will not work. It will not matter if you right click and click "run as administrator".

  4. Thanks man and it does work you need to click run as admin to do it so you can have acces to whole computer 

  5. If you have windows 8 and your getting access denied then go out, right click on the start menue go up and you should find commands prompt admin. Just click on that and try again.

  6. you fucking have administrator thats why u can access to it.. u have to run as administrator to do it

  7. system error 5 access denied

  8. Mine says Access is Denied!

  9. acess is denied

  10. dude mine says System error 5 
    Shit man :p

  11. it worked for men just clicked run as Admin and it worked

  12. and access is denied

  13. mine says system error 5 plz help

  14. When i open the administrator in the way you said,my pc make restart besause my windows arent genuine. How i can have access in the administrator? Is another way. Thans!

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