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11 Comments on Activate Internal Speaker

  1. thank you useful..

  2. That's not an internal speaker you idiot. It plays my external speakers.

  3. @Pamgin Command. com? Fuck i didnt even know XP, Vista or 7 still had this.

  4. @siriusgamer Notepad:
    @Echo off
    And your done and have cmd prompt open.

  5. Most computers block cmd prompt.

  6. i can;t do run in my school lab…
    they don't want people messing around with the computer lmao o.o

  7. cant do the [] ctrl+g on notepad doesnt work on NOTEPAD HOWW????

  8. what do you type to get it into a file, in notepad when i pres ctrl+G it comes up with goto line box. what to i put??

  9. what els can u do with it?

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