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Adobe installer failed to initialize ★ SOLVED ✔ NEW ★

Adobe installer failed to initialize ★ SOLVED ✔ NEW ★

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28 Comments on Adobe installer failed to initialize ★ SOLVED ✔ NEW ★

  1. WTF man what are you ding.. with shitty videos

  2. Worked well thanks

  3. I tried but not install

  4. In my cleaner it showed four files. Should I go with all four files?

  5. koi v tera subsirbe kar na nai cha a ga madi pudi yavya

  6. indian lan mara ho lol fack

  7. I have changed my whole os also but still it doesn't work… this error…… it's very irritating…man….pls find a different solution

  8. dont ever do it..totaly wrong info..disliked it

  9. I have a same problem.. But, have a solution. Go to start, select computer or this pc, right click on C drives, select properties, select tools tab and you will see error checking, and select check now and you will see windows cant check the disk while in use, and then, select schedule disk check and restart your computer .. Wait for check disk complete and you computer restart automatically.. And try install After Effects CS6..

  10. HI. I installed creative cloud. I ran it. But it is not go to second stage. I mean it said choose your opetion. I selected All. Then it finish process. It is not go to 2nd stage.

  11. In get into pc I have downloaded but it shows file missing

  12. Are bhai nhi kaam kiya tera advice

  13. THank's Bro You save me????

  14. Adobe said I can’t sign in plz help

  15. This version good work updating version download here->

  16. Thanks you sir thanks you so so much

  17. please solved error code 190 in Adobe cc

  18. I'd like if it actually worked…but it doesn't, so there's that.

  19. Downloaded premire pro cc but having troubles installing. The installer runs but then it disappears. Help needed asap. Yes I have a 64 bit pc .

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