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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial : The Basics for Beginners

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial For Beginners, teaching the Basics Of Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners, going over many important aspects when first starting graphic design!

Photoshop Basics Tutorial #2:

►Sections/ Lessons Taught:

1:36 – 1) Interface
10:48 – 2) Effects Panel
16:54 – 3) Working With Images
27:25 – 4) Working With Text
30:10 – 5) Essential Tools

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23 Comments on Adobe Photoshop Tutorial : The Basics for Beginners

  1. Episode 2 to Photoshop Basics is now up, I will be continuing this as a series! In the second tutorial, we go over alot of awesome stuff, including Lighting Effects, Photo Manipulation, Filter Effects, Masking and more!

  2. 23:29????????????????????????????????????????

  3. This video is so useful with added tips and tricks on every tools instead of just demonstrating it's function.
    Love it. I hope you make more of this.
    Thanks again for this. ????

  4. Looks bloody complicated

  5. Hello, I have a question and can't seem to find the answer. . . . After I finish editing an image and select "Save As", all is well. When I open the original image, Photoshop opens the "Save As" image. How do I stop Photoshop from opening the saved image?

  6. thanks man you explained it better in 36 min youtube video then my TA did in a 2 hour tutorial :/

  7. What is the most affordable version that works on 10? Rather just buy program than get a monthly subscription

  8. The lumber tycoon music is giving me PTSD.

  9. I was wondering how to make a 3d knurling pattern to use on a laser engraver any chance doing a video on how to do it?

  10. Alec, thank you! I am a newbie and this helped me a lot…

  11. I just want to learn how to put Dr Phil on a walking egg

  12. i want to draw ponies bcuz i have seen alot on deviant art

  13. Awesome video, thanks Alec

  14. Where is the photo dude ?
    You said that you would put it in the description

  15. Amazing, thank you sir!

  16. Instructions unclear crashed plane

  17. Hello friends
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  18. Great tutorial!!…worth watching it, I learned a lot from it and I'm very thankful to you!!! 🙂 Keep up the amazing work!

  19. where do I get the exact picture of the car from google? I dont see the link in the description

  20. you are crap everyone is better than u at everything

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