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46 Comments on Adobe Premiere Tips, Tricks, and Keyboard Shortcuts For Fast Editing

  1. A=Zoom In
    S=Zoom Out
    F=Ripple Delete
    Q=Step Back
    W=Step Forward
    E=Shuttle Slow Right
    Z=Track Select Took

  2. Very helpfull! Thank you Sir 🙂

  3. I've used these shortcuts for years now. It has saved a ton of my time and made editing even more fun. Thank you for this!

  4. Any changes to your keyboard shortcuts in 2019?!

  5. OMG! Thank you so much! It is soooo useful!

  6. thats a life saver. Regret myself for not knowing these tricks a long back.

  7. Thank you very much. Your video has been the most helpful.

  8. A – zoom out timeline
    S – zoom in timeline
    Del/D – delete
    F – ripple delete
    Q – frame backwards
    W – frame forwards
    E – (shuttle fast) rewind
    R – (shuttle fast) forward
    Z – track select forward
    C – cut
    V – selection tool

    swap footage in timeline => ALT + CTRL + Left Mouse button click (LMB)
    Copy specific item in timeline => Hold ALT + LMB and drag footage
    Select either audio or video in linked selection => ALT + LMB
    Cut entire timeline at once => hold SHIFT + LMB when Cut tool is selected

  9. do you use any of the functions whose standard Shortcuts you replaced much?

  10. Ive added "A" as my zoom in key. But if i press it 2x quickly – itll delete whatever track is selected. Ive unassigned anything else associated with the A-key but still happens. Im on Premiere 2017 – thanks for your tips

  11. Thanks for this great info. I use mac laptop for my editing and is not allowing me to assign the Keyboard Shortcut. What should i do please? From Ghana

  12. Great video now I have to learn the new shortcuts yo idiot kappa ????????????


  14. Love this video! Thank you!!

  15. Thanks mate, this is a great video

  16. Hey Fstoppers, great suggestions! I've implemented them and can confirm I saved a literal buttload of time editing only my very first vid using these custom KB shortcuts. Thanks!

  17. Love you, thanks, superb help it did.

  18. thanks alot mate it helps me much faster editing

  19. AMAZING VID! you are great at explaining these short cuts!

  20. Love your work! Great tips.

  21. I've been using your keyboard FAST EDIT setup for about a year and I really love it. When I recently updated to CC 2019 your FAST EDIT saved layout didn't automatically load and buy did I miss it. I just came back checked out your video again so I could save the settings in CC 2019. Thanks! This is by far the best and most useful thing YT taught me in 2018. Just in time for me to switch to Davinci. ????????????

  22. This is an older video…but let me tell you, as a new user to Premiere (3 weeks old) This was a game changer. I'm editing from a Macbook Pro, so I'm going to leave some of the default keys alone, but man… the other short cuts regarding cutting and track select forward? I'm standing and clapping in front of my laptop right now. THANK YOU. Great Great info!

  23. So your typing the commands on the right side of the screen?

  24. Thank you. I will do it just like that

  25. this is very helpful.

  26. Most of the keys you map already exist on default keyboard.
    For instance: zoom in and out is 'plus' and 'minus'. Track select is 'A'. But also see the little tool icons next to the timeline? Like, the one looking like a razor blade? That's 'cut' – also 'C'. Mouse or keyboard.
    JKL are STANDARD transport keys on every NLE (Premiere, Avid, Final Cut, Vegas…). Pressing L plays, LL plays double speed, more presses increase speed etc. Same with J for reverse. K is Stop but also a modifier. for L and J..
    But worse, Q and W are the best if left alone. Q trims between position indicator and beginning of clip. W does the same but to the end. Imagine: "I want to get rid of everything up to here…" Q. Now, "I want to get rid of the rest of the clip". Press W. Nice thing, it ripples automatically. Speeds workflow lots.
    However, each to his own. It's good to know you'll never be a threat to professional Editors.


  28. I think i will shoot myself in the head for not using these keys earlier. brb (not)

  29. 3 years later and this is still a super useful video. As always, thanks for all the super helpful content you and your team continue to put out.

  30. Help guys, please. I do not know English well, so I can not find the function I need in the configuration of hot keys. How to choose a video (or audio) fragment without a mouse click? What is this function called?
    Ideally, I want to split my video (or audio) fragment, then select an unnecessary piece through the hotkey, and make a ripple delete.

  31. brilliant mate, thanks fam

  32. Excellent, many thanks

  33. Very very useful video! Many thanks! <3

  34. I personnaly use Q as shuttle left, W as shuttle stop and E as shuttle right. This way I can move through the video easily. and for the frame by frame you just have to hold W and press E or Q and for slow motion you can just hold both (W and E or W and Q)

  35. This was so insanely helpful! I knew these features were there just never really looked into it much for the last 3 years of video editing! And I completely regret all the time I have wasted not knowing haha

  36. you are a god ty for this

  37. This is so helpful thanks

  38. thank you tonssss

  39. Ripple extend a clip?

  40. K E Y B I N D

  41. He looks like Tavi Castro

  42. Nice! Thank you, I'll some of those from now on. 🙂

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