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my Tips and tricks on how to play this game. Very addicting game, enjoy!
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If you still having trouble with the game check out my gameplays where i show you how to be better 🙂

music :
– 0:05 Hey now by MK2
– 2:20 Thors hammer by ethan meixsell

20 Comments on HOW TO WIN

  1. 299 unlike?! And 1K likes?! o.o

  2. wow u is amazing at that game i support u

  3. does this work for mobile?

  4. it worked…….then a dude bigger than me offered me mass, i took it and ate it……..and died

  5. Thanks for teh tips

  6. Sub Like got 1st

  7. if you go into a virus you gain 100 mass…

  8. What.. the.. fuck… he copied someone elses video!

  9. thank you for the tips the tips really do work alot

  10. if u split other ppl will shoot and kill u

  11. My Record Is 23,376 can i team with you?

  12. Sometime farming is not good they could split and eat you

  13. stuck dick in toaster, steps not clear enough.

  14. I just noticed that the agario tab icon changes its color to what you are

  15. It's so easy I made it to first with my score at 2000000000

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