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41 Comments on Apex Legends Tips & Tricks – The Ultimate Guide

  1. You tought me tips and tricks.

    But you didn't.

  2. U know how many times I hear people say that same lines in their intro lol

  3. There's different movement speed for different weapons equipped. Carrying smgs and wingman makes you move better.

  4. I got so many Apex coins by using: always works for me

  5. This has been the most generic tip video I've seen so far so get your head out of your ass.

  6. I got so many Apex coins by using: always works for me

  7. Great video, thank you

  8. This video is useful thank you so much I appreciate ????

  9. The loot spiders are ticks

  10. You said the same thing every one else did dude

  11. Ya I was a smite player but ya love apex bro but new gods coming out on smite so going back for awhile

  12. Fastest drop is at 600

  13. Only like… 1 of these "tips" is something pro's do.

    Which is zipline reattaching.

  14. Thank goodness a person who titles the vid . AND BASICALLY TALKS ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE.

  15. Trash talks all other guides.
    Proceeds to copy paste a guide from the About page.

  16. smh. why did u make this

  17. Why do you have to use profanities?

  18. Don't waste your time doing trainings (trust me )

  19. Ur just describing basic functions of the game. Not one fucking tip lmao

  20. this isn't any different from any other guide the only difference is you started with the others are trash

  21. Y does this vid have 33k likes? It is the same as others

  22. 0:18 basically when im the jumpmaster

  23. this is horrible you wasted your time on basic tips legendarys gives you unique abilitys? well of course it is stupid

  24. this is not tips and tricks. this is basically teaching someone who hasn’t played the game yet

  25. I wish there were solos duos squads

  26. Strategic win. Funny commentary too lol

  27. How was this any different than the other guides? Except by the fact that u lied about it being different.

  28. Tip
    If you have a ark star thow it at a plr

  29. You forgot octanes stim

  30. Technically all of these tips can be used in titanfall 1&2 btw

  31. And this isn’t even an April fools video…

  32. The pro who doesnt want us to know this is an ass. Jk

  33. Fucking kill your cat for doing that to your chair

  34. with or without weapon you can climb the same height

  35. Juat started playing a week ago..i love it..the only thing i dont like are the smart ass other than that its great…

  36. This is the exact video you said it wasn't and the people you talked shit on don't look like human beard oil. I want my view back.

  37. when you call dibs on something but your teammate gets it before you
    me: am i a joke to you?

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