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Appium Tutorial: How to install and run Appium on Windows

Appium tutorial about how to install and start Appium server on Windows from command line(cmd)/terminal and via GUI

Download .NET Framework:
Download Node.js:
Download Android SDK:
Download Java:
Download Appium:

If you want to learn how to build an automation…

23 Comments on Appium Tutorial: How to install and run Appium on Windows

  1. It worked for me, Thank you !

  2. Hey artur ,
    I am not able to find android sdk installer .I got zip file for sdk but no idea how to install from sdk zip file…..

  3. HI,I am watching your videos in youtube.comMy question isI have app to test.The app has button share via whatsApp.If i click on that button which invoke  whatsApp.Can i test that scenario with Appium.
    second questionAlso app has link when i click on it it opens playstore and download the another app.Can we test that scenario in the appium.Example Mcent app. I want to test that app.Can you please help me regarding the questions above.

  4. Hi Arthur, Great tutorial.
    I want to automate android API level 9 of 2.3.1 gingerbread version, Is that possible to automate with appium using selendroid mode ?

    I've tried to automate but end up with instrumentation error.

    Thank you

  5. Hi Artur, After I installed the Appium 1.6 on Windows 10, there is no Bin folder in node-modules folder. What should I set in Environment Variable?

  6. Awesome. Great !!!!

  7. Hi Artur, I'm getting this error when I try to start Appium via command line: uncaughtException: Cannot find module 'intern/fs'…

  8. I did installed the .Net, JAVA and NodeJS without any issues. what I'm having issues with is to find a SDK Tool application as you showing on video. I'm getting something else when clicking on the link provided. Need help. 614-783-8098

  9. simple and excellent, tnx

  10. Hey Artur,
    I've got an error. After creating a path to the APPIUM, I've try to enter appium -p(port) but after submit I have: 'NODE' Name isn't recognized as a command. What could have possibly gone wrong there?

  11. Hey Artur,
    I followed your tutorial, but got the error 'appium' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file'. What could have possibly gone wrong?

  12. 1) Install .Net framework (1:10 Download and Install)

    2) Create directories on C: as shown (1:41)

    3) Download and Install Node (2:15 download) (2:34 install)

    4) Download and Install Java SE Development Kit(3:25 download) (4:43 Install)

    5) Download and Install Android SDK Tools (4:29 download) (7:20 install)

    6) Add Java to Enviroment Variables (5:47)

    7) Add Android SDK to Enviroment Variables (8:00)

    8) Open SDK Manager and Install the tools you want (10:05)

    9) Download and Install Appium (11:40)

    10) Add Appium to Environment Variables (14:15)

  13. Hi Artur,
    Your video is fantastic to follow.
    I am trying setting up install Appium as you described. URLs are leading to latest structure(example: for Android SDK, it is showing the latest structure( bundle and command tools) but they were not useful enogh). Could you please guide us for new setup for windows 10 and latest versions of android and appium(new video will be great helpful)

  14. Is their option to download appium for Windows to do iOS device automations ?

  15. Is their option to download appium for Windows to do iOS device automations ?

  16. congratulations, Thanks for you work

  17. Hi Arthur, Nice Video. Would be great if you can locate successive videos

  18. where is next video?????????????//

  19. Hey, very good video ! Thanks a lot for taking the time to create it.

  20. Hi Artur,
     Very well explained. Appreciate your work and Thank you
    – Jana

  21. really a nice work Artur, very well explained .. Thanks a lot

  22. Thanks for doing this and being clear.

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