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Asphalt 8, how to hack Shelby Cobra, Camaro Z/28 and Datsun 280Z

Hey guys today i’m showing you how to get the three legend cars for little or no licenses, so firstly you need cheat engine, sorry i cannot put a link, you’ll have to find it yourself…lol

Step 1: Open Asphalt 8 on your windows PC
Step 2: Open cheat engine and search for the process Asphalt 8
Step 3: Where it says value type, click that and select “ARRAY OF BYTE”
Step 4: Put in any of these codes for any car of your choice…

– Shelby Cobra 427: 68 90 40
– Datsun 280Z: 50 84 40
– Camaro…

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10 Comments on Asphalt 8, how to hack Shelby Cobra, Camaro Z/28 and Datsun 280Z

  1. thx bro worked fine YOU ARE SUPER COOL !!!

  2. hey Emmy can you please upload all the codes and put the download link in description.
    please do it in mediafire;)

  3. Thanks @ Susan close ^^

  4. i dont understand the video lol. it dosn't work by me…

  5. hello, how do you hack the shelby cobra ?

  6. Hey buddy I could only hack the Shelby car. The others I did the same procedure and then navigate by all the cars ( I have all including the Mclaren code you provided) and could not hacked them! I tried online and offline and nothing. Do you have some thoughts? Thanks again.

  7. Hey
    If you can downgrade to 1.9 you could hack tokens

  8. If I hack those cars then get them claimed from licenses, will the game bug and duplicate the cars?

  9. Hello guys, so i do not if you need to turn off your wifi, i did not turn mine off, actually i never turn my wifi off if i'm about to hack, but it's left for you, please let's get this a couple of likes and i will upload a video on how to get the McLaren P1™ GTR, as well as the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X also subscribe to my channel please, comment if you want me to upload the list of hacks for all token cars in V2..0.1a.

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