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Audacity Basics: Recording, Editing, Mixing

This video shows some of the most common and simple tools in the free audio editing program Audacity. I cover recording, adjusting volume, audio compression, selecting and deleting clips, importing music, splitting tracks, and adjusting the volume. I made it primarily for my students in writing and rhetoric classes at Rockford University, but it could be useful for anyone!

Recorded in February 2015, using Audacity 2.0.3 in Windows 7.

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36 Comments on Audacity Basics: Recording, Editing, Mixing

  1. I just download this software, I am glad i watch videos first. I got so much idea now. This software is very good by the look of it.

  2. Help, sometimes I can’t go to the Effects button all thing was block and not allowing me to click on it

  3. How do you make your recording sound less staticy

  4. how can i sing and play an imported track as well

  5. How do i ad reverb to mic thanx

  6. Dude you sound like you're on too much adderall. Very informative nonetheless, cheers.

  7. not for me mine isn't loud causing the cracking mine isn't loud it just cracks sometimes for no reason especially when my recording is long

  8. where to find this app?

  9. Man you really have it in you, your technique in explaining is perfect, God bless you and good luck.

  10. why is it that I do what you instruct like highlight to delete but it doesn't delete. Nothing Happens

  11. How do i set a loop point when the song starts at the beginning then to the end and then at the loop point to the end and so on

  12. I need help, every time I press record it starts recording at the end instead of the beginning. I just downloaded it so I haven't done anything. I've tried to do multiple things though but nothing's changed.
    I have a beat on there but when I press record it starts at end of the beat instead of they start of my new mono track.

  13. 2018!
    Very Helpful

  14. Awesome video, just wondering why when I hit "view" like you did to see whole recording "your view drop down list gave you the option of – fit to window – my view drop down box does not have that option? Any ideas why mine doesn't, your does – anyone, I downloaded the latest version but without the help files (figured you tube would be used for that), but as a complete newbie, now I can't figure out how to view the file in the window without having to scroll all the way down :(, maybe I should have downloaded the larger "help file" version after all, lol

  15. I found this video very helpful, thank you

  16. Great video, love your attitude.

  17. Hands down one of the best free DAWs

  18. watching in 2018, very helpful! I wish you had played it back to hear the edits you made.

  19. Damn this was useful, especially the compression – I spent 2 weeks after buying my new studio mixer to interface my guitar and compressor mic to the PC and the compression thing has turned amateurish sounding to rather professional…..Thanks bro for making the World a better place ;P

  20. 8:20 like automation in fl studio?

    i'm watching this in 2018 lol

  21. Talking much doing less

  22. Should I record my voice separately with audacity for gameplay or if I use OBS it will be the same quality?

  23. What software are you using?

  24. its very helpful , thnks sir

  25. Great way to get started with this software

  26. Thank u so much bcoz I don't know about these features of audacity and u showed them so thank s

  27. I really need this tutorial thank you, god bless.

  28. please any more video

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