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Backup And Restore Windows 7 Operating System Part 2 (Tutorial)

A quick video showing how easy it is to backup and restore an operating system using Windows 7

20 Comments on Backup And Restore Windows 7 Operating System Part 2 (Tutorial)

  1. this works if im getting a new hdd since I don't have an os disk


  3. Can't view this :(

  4. thnks man this is just what I need

  5. Can you use this feature to backup from a smaller SSD and restore to a bigger SSD? Or are there different steps to take?

  6. This exactly what I needed. You are a stress reliever 😀 

  7. Hey. So this would be a full system restore. For Ex: it would backup all my games, programs, Sony Vegas video etc that were on the Partition that I backed up?

  8. Anyway – the recording looks good.Great job…..

  9. i can't really remember i think i used virtualbox

  10. What program did you use to record the second part of your tutorial? Did you install Windows 7 in a virtual machine(VMware for instance)?

  11. if you have 2T hardisk and what to back up on a 1T then you need less than a 1T of data on your 2T

  12. is it possible to use a back-up of a larger drive on a smaller one?
    Like 2TB to a 1TB? I currently have my main system on a 2TB drive, but my backup is stored on a smaller external hard drive of 1TB capacity, so I'm wondering – could I get a 1TB hard drive and the use the restore on that, and have it as my main drive, and the current 2TB as extra storage?

  13. if its partitioned you can but the problem with that,, it takes a long time to back up and when you restore

  14. say i installed a new ssd,can i backup the image saved into the ssd instead of HDD..Is there an option to choose drive to restore image on?

  15. I really wish you didn't have to reboot to get the process going. One should be able to set in motion a "restore from backup" request inside of Widnows, then reboot, and the process would start.

  16. if you backed up a 200GB hard drive then you must use a 200GB hard drive to restore or it will just take a big chunk out of your 1T hard drive

  17. I ran into a problem…… Put new 1TB Internet drive in…… then did restore like u said …… and 800gb unallocated… any help

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