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Battlefield 5: 50 TIPS, TRICKS + TACTICS ( Battlefield V / BF5 )

Battlefield V: Here’s 50 different Battlefield 5 tips, tricks and tactics to help you win and survive more in Battlefield V (Battlefield 5) this guide should help you improve and become a better player (all BF5 Multiplayer gameplay footage captured on PS4 Pro)

Battlefield 5: 50 Tips, Tricks + Tactics to Improve + Win | Battlefield V multiplayer gameplay (BF5) PS4/Xbox One

Video features a list of 50 Battlefield 5 tips, tricks and tactics to help you improve and make you a better player,…

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38 Comments on Battlefield 5: 50 TIPS, TRICKS + TACTICS ( Battlefield V / BF5 )

  1. Games a piece of shit

  2. I would propose to DICE to put a function of sending an alert message while being downed so as to notify nearby players of potential enemy presence.

  3. Aim for the head!!! Every gunfight you got in your cross hairs went to hip/lower torso..

  4. This BF got less love from devs. Some guns shoot so unclear. You point the gun well but it hits somewhere else.

  5. Tips for camping

  6. I swear that all of these YouTube's get into the best lobbies in the world. All of the enemies always seem to be completely oblivious to anything they do. When I try to do the same I get fucked by about 3 of them turning around at the same time out of sheer coincidence

  7. He has a frag grenade equipped when he's talking about having a smoke equipped

  8. Here’s a tip,instead of risking your life and wasting ammo to blow up an enemy anti tank mine you can actually walk up to it and defuse it

  9. Conquest is won by the team that has more soldiers by the time runs out if one team hasn’t COMPLETELY killed off the other

  10. This is a trick. He says "it's good to lay down it makes it harder to see you." Then shoots 3 people who are laying down lmao he wants more kills

  11. The lewis gun with all the left side upgrades is stupid powerful too

  12. Shit.. forgot to listen.. RESTART.

  13. What is the best full auto gun

  14. The only tip you need is dont play a game were aim bots and damage modifiers run rampant

  15. Just play the game ffs

  16. How to improve in the game:

    : don’t play the game

  17. here is the only tip you'll need to know and get – like most of the players – buy a hack to cheat by – thats all you need

  18. pretty sure this game is rigged for some esporting bullshit… the other day i shot a grenade into a building and 3 guys ran outside next to each other. I had scored 99 damage on each one. Then a medic hipfired me from across the map dead in one shot. All set with that shit. It's bad enough u can't see replay of how you were killed, the most fundamental part of the game, SCORING DAMAGE is absolutely broken although these Dice clowns will tell you this game is just roses. DON'T BUY THIS GARBAGE

  19. What is he doing around 2:02 ? Never seen anyone do that before.

  20. It feels like i just cant get good at this game…

  21. I'm not trying to start a debate or whatever because ultimately I don't care…

    But man… After playing BF5 (and all Battlefields since 3) on PC (Ryzen 5 2600, GTX 1060, 16gb RAM), playing it on a console feels sooooooo bad and awkward and slow. I know it's capped at 30fps, but damn does it feel like 15-20 fps.

  22. the pickup animation is so shit looking 🙁

  23. Thank you for tip 47 that one bugged me when people tried to get revived while stil being shot at

  24. Are there movement penalties? For example, does strafing artificially make a player more vulnerable.

  25. Zeroing with the snipers is actually garbage, I only use the spotting scope to kinda think how high I have to aim to get the headshot. I kinda think it’s better to get used to how the sniper work at 60m instead of using a lot of time with the spotting scope and zeroing. But thats only how i think and like to play. Keep up the good work, loved the rest of the video:)

  26. Wow, on PS4 the Gameplay looks so smooth and slow. It's like everyone took chill pill before gaming. No offence console is console and pc is pc I'm not saying anything is better than the other. Have fun and gl

  27. thank you for these tips I became a lot better at BF5. #kriticalkris

  28. Also like the comment if you bought the deluxe edition! I would like to take a small survey. I bought the deluxe edition and saw a TON of people with it. (I'm not begging for likes)

  29. remember, use you sidearms and melees. never uses melee or pistol

  30. Also, as a medic, if you want to revive someone that may be bleeding out to get to the respawn menu faster, you can let them know you’re coming to revive them by pressing R1 on the revive symbol above their corpse as you make your way toward them. This will alert the downed player that a medic is coming to revive them so they can stop rushing to respawn. This will save time for both players and get the downed player back into the action faster than bleeding out.

  31. i paused on tip 2 of always going prone when under fire to say that's generally NOT what you want to do. it just makes you a sitting duck from all angles. the only counter you have is evasive movement to solid cover. NEVER go prone unless you are ducking behind solid cover and if you do just know that the opponent shooting at you knows EXACTLY where you are and if hes already tagged you will be rushing you. best tactic is usually to attack them suddenly by moving to the side of the cover a few seconds later and hoping theyre running at you which will give you the gunfight edge. when you play always make sure you are covered on at least 2 sides. dont go out in the open EVER unless you know no enemy is looking at you or you are out of thier range. the extra movement to stay next to walls and bushes and other cover will keep you alive so much longer. also never start a gunfight with multiple enemies or at longer ranges unless you have cover options. if you have cover options thats when going prone is good advice

  32. Mate you cant tell theas idiots how to play battlefield better thay treat it lyk call of duty thay allways have…….

  33. I hate the way spotting works in bfv

  34. Anyone play on base PS4 and can tell me how the game Runs?

  35. I get wanting to show off your good matches, but it would be great if the visuals had aaaaaanything to do with the audio.

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