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Be the MASTER of Group Discussions in 5 minutes!— Best Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Going for a Group Discussion in coming days? Watch this quick video to know what you can do differently to be outstanding, and lead the Group Discussion. If you understand the simple idea of the video, you will definitely be hired. It will make you smart enough to understand the psychology of the moderator.

Pep Talk India has touched the lives of numerous aspirants across the globe through its Youtube’ videos because this channel shares with you some exclusive tips and tricks to improve…

39 Comments on Be the MASTER of Group Discussions in 5 minutes!— Best Tips, Tricks & Ideas

  1. GD is all about how creative you are,manners, matureness,how high think of yours

  2. Sorry miss ur not guiding u jus making ur advertisement abt ur pep talk

  3. Can u please guide Abt the topics for MSW

  4. Your Accent sucks!

  5. Almost half of the video didn't yield anything. Only bolt bachan

  6. What's fee for english speaking

  7. She reminds me of a girl we collectively disliked in my graduation.

  8. Please stop background sound.

  9. I hope you khushi mem you compose more videos mem

  10. Hello no comformatoin sorry thak you

  11. mam you have said ,80 percent people are rejected in gd just to reduce the no of candidate ,but in psu interview like iocl,gail,ntpc etc there is no rejection after gd then why they conduct gd ?

  12. Here is a great platform to practice what you are learning from this video, Know more about Skill Prodigy Here – @

  13. I want group of people to do group discussion. Can anybody help me out ?

  14. started with negativity by criticizing other channels

  15. She starts speaking abt GD after 1:40mins
    And ends bfr 5:30mins
    Where she atleast doesn't tell u how to introduce or initiate ,agree,disagree,add to other participants points…!!
    Go head watch video and thank me later????

  16. 01 to 31 sec nice manipulation

  17. Thank you mam for your instructions

  18. Is India saft nasan do you agree

  19. Ma'am but what if encouraging our colleague for speaking in GD actually turns out that he is not aware of the topic and so chose to be silent… won't I be viewed in a negative light by the moderator for putting my collegue in an embarrassing situation?

  20. Background music not good

  21. Don't know English

  22. Hindi main bolo karo

  23. Will you please give the ideas to participate in the customer agent interview at airport

  24. Good Luck with subscriptions with that attitude. good luck with your life infact????????

  25. those two words at the end are just lit af

  26. Really amazing; your voice and understanding power

  27. Tomorrow I will have GD for campus placement.

  28. Oo yah aaa aaahhh ahhhhhh

  29. Damn you are one positive lady! Thanks for the video.

  30. You are too good and i love the way you talk and teach.

  31. You are superb mam.i really learn some thing especial.

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