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Beginners MYSQL Database Tutorial 1 # Download , Install MYSQL and first SQL query

How to install MySql 5.1.37 Server for Windows 7
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20 Comments on Beginners MYSQL Database Tutorial 1 # Download , Install MYSQL and first SQL query

  1. every thing is good but be quick an skip the frame like downloading or installing or processes that takes long time

  2. indians always help people u proved it!…………..aswesome vedioes that help peple great world bro!

  3. Can't believe how rude the commentators are for this video. He is doing a service free of charge about mysql. There aren't many good free instructions out there, yet the morons on here have the nerve to criticize his method of instructing. No one forced you people to watch this video, you're doing it by choice. I find this guy's videos incredibly helpful. Thank you very much for your help. Please continue making more videos and disregard the people discouraging you. Thanks.

  4. no work bench in my package!

  5. Man…. U may b slow but perfect for real beginners. I loved it bcuz it takes time to sink the information you r giving out…. thank u very much!

  6. Thank you for this video, I really needed to just see the installation process to make it all click for me. And for anyone who would like the video to be faster, you can go to Settings -> Speed -> 1.25 or 1.5.


  8. Question: Can you make a new video and explain to me how I connect my SQL database to an "online" database at my server? Like put in the website… I work with PHPmyadmin and Mysql database but offline mode dont send to online server… and I want to connect the 2 of them..

  9. Nice but …sorry i felt asleep

  10. @0:0010:17 : Installing.
    @10:17– Opening MySQL Work Bench.
    @??–10:04: CTRL+U for Connect to DataBase (AKA: Query Database)
        Will be leaving everything default. And storing your password in vault.
        Then hit ok.
    @11:45 Object Browser is now called "Navigator"
    @11:55 Edit Table Data is now 1 of 3 invisible icons that show up when you
    mouse over the table entry within the Schemas window.
    Thought it was the "Alter Table" But that seems to let you change around the
    structure of the table, not edit the entries.

  11. Its really useful video. Thank you

  12. what a fucking looser. he has a terrible english …..

  13. Very useful video. Sanks!!!

  14. Great job dude…well done


  16. please increase your voice and speed………..

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