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Best 3 Hacks – Foggy car windows fix

With this 3 simple tricks you may be able to defog and prevent car windows fogging. In first part, for dehumidification you need to fill a pair of socks with silica crystals cat litter and put them on the dashboard over night. Then you need to prepare windows for preventing moisture to acumulate on them. For this, the shaving foam is the best. Now, most people are using car heating and ventilation the wrong way for defogging. This video reveals the right settings for them. Enjoy !

8 Comments on Best 3 Hacks – Foggy car windows fix

  1. Бред…. Что мешает незадолго перед остановкой сделать отопление по меньше. По холоднее. Оставить продувку на холодном с улицы. Переключить с лобового на ноги. А перед закрытием машины на долго открыть дверь на пару минут и выпустить теплый воздух из машины. Чем меньше перепада температуры тем меньше конденсата останется. Полностью все равно не получится…но уменьшить на много без проблем.

  2. fog happens cause of fcking humadity u need something to absorb and destroy humadity , the air codition in ur car absorb humadity

  3. Silica crystal – cat litter 100% clean.

  4. how long should I keep this silica in car ? Should I replace it after days ?

  5. Hey good,, U can also do it a cheeper way, just us "cat sand" in a open box or sock like u do, when cat sand full of moisture try it in a pan, and us it again, regard from Norway

  6. socks on dashboard i bet the neighbours would love to see that lol. Would someone like to try the foam on tinted windows my old 323f mazda is crazy humid it feels like i am in a wet pus*y every morning lol.

  7. Tambien debe estar la traduccion en castellano.

  8. Why the fuck do cars not have a simple 'defog' button?

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