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Best Upcoming Windows 10 Features in 2019

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24 Comments on Best Upcoming Windows 10 Features in 2019

  1. When I updated it i can’t lock my password in. 🙁

  2. On latest Windows 10. Loving the Light theme and separated search

  3. just so everyone knows watch out for sandbox when you go to use it microsoft put a warning out about it being hacked and a few other things that been hacked on windows 10…

  4. You were commenting/questioning about why there will be a need for an automatic rollback update. When Microsoft was offering its free update, my wife (at the time, a recent acquaintance) had accepted the upgrade not knowing that, at the time, her Dell Inspiron 2320 was incompatible with the upgrade. I was only able to enable her to regain the use of her computer by purchasing a system restore disc. I'm currently in the process of determining if she is still grandfathered for that free update considering the end of support on her Dell's Windows 7 Home.

  5. Sandbox not available on home version.

  6. Windows whore from the 7GB Gigabyte

  7. still broken is typing into the start menu. sometimes i'll type add program (to get the add/remove programs classic to appear) and it does appear… but many times it doesn't. same goes for most anything you type in there like device manager (sometimes it appears sometimes it doesn't.) this has been an issues since the start of win10. I guess no one reported it in the hub :/

  8. Nice to meet u Mr.Thio I have tried to upgrade the ram of my computer but it doesn't get upgraded it gets more than 2 nights.

  9. Some of these I already have I am a Windows Insider
    I feel special

  10. I just imagine in the future, "Windows 1000 is now release new feature! Screw the old windows updates!".

  11. Are you *retarded*?
    The Light Theme was always here.
    edit: Same thing with cursor size. It was ALWAYS here. It was just kinda like

  12. Why don't the make Skins for Windows like :

    Windows XP: Disables animation, Start text, new backgrounds
    Windows 7: Aero theme, new backgrounds

    That would be cool.

  13. there needs to be a law against HDD that are under 300 GBs.

  14. When I heard dark mode

  15. "Finally you can delay Windows updates on Windows 10 Home"

    Laughs in Linux

  16. Can't wait for the "uninstall bloatwares" feature

  17. The Sandbox should of been a basic feature it will really could be helpful.

  18. Like = dark mode
    Like the reply = light mode

  19. Honestly, windows hidpi scaling still sucks! Fonts look ugly as hell when we set the scaling. Everything look ridiculously small when we set to native 100% scaling. Mac and even some Linux distros got it right. Manjaro Deepin is great with fractional scaling so as KDE. Even Ubuntu introduced fractional scaling in the latest 19.04 gnome version. And, it works out of the box.

  20. I still don't trust this guy…

  21. Does one of the great things include breaking my fucking computer

  22. Windows update: the Frankenstein monster that just won't die.

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