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BlackHat WiFi Tricks | | On today’s episode of #GeekBlogTV, I show you how to cause trouble on the local WiFi networks. For this trick, we used BackTrack 5 R2 Linux and an Alfa AWUS036H, and a nifty set of commands that are likely to make a victim out of anybody.

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19 Comments on BlackHat WiFi Tricks

  1. I have to try this for an enterprise network and at McDonald's :')

  2. Thanks i just got into hacking but i'm really i'm just trying to learn the the basics so i can protect myself from any harm that can occur. there are a lot of people out there know a days that are trying to control over people i think there should be a way to warn those people and show them a lesson.

  3. Excellent vid! Thank you

  4. Hey man
     I am facing a problem and I need help., I'm using VirtualBox to Run BackTrack, and it is working fine, the airmon command are working too but when I type airodump-ng mon0 no results are found, the screen shows the checked channels, the date and the time counter. Thank you In advance

  5. How do you connect to wifi over Virtualbox?  Every time I try using airmon-ng start wlan0, it just has a blank,  _Interface       Chipset       Driver_
    No wifi connections show!  Anyone else having this problem?

  6. If he connects to those axess point what will happen to his device

  7. fuck thats funny this vid cracks me up cheers dude ur a legend

  8. Nice. Could you show how to hack a wifi password?

  9. My computer says that "airmon-ng" command could not be found

  10. That's some hilarious stuff and always fun …

  11. Is there anyway to reverse it afterwards?

  12. +GEEKBLOGTV  what if the bssid says (not associated) then gives the station and the channel is -1 

  13. fucking soulja boy

  14. Are there any live links on MDK3 ? 

  15. hey man how can i talk to you in private

  16. good thing you need wifi to a listen to a song you have on itunes

  17. i use to use wifikill alot then my phone broke ;(

  18. the 'anonymous' generation. scary as h.
    I opine the end-game is anarchy I.e. a state of max entropy – white-noise. cyborgs, machine sentience, human-intelligence v machine-intelligence will be indistinguishable. how bleak and dark; the future doesn't hold promise as we race to build the machine that seals our fate. I'm glad I'm old. 

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