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Boot Camp Tips & Tricks

This is a just a quick tip and tricks on how to use Boot Camp. Please click on the annotation or click on the link below for step by step guide on how to install windows on your mac. Thank you for watching. Please Thumbs Up, Comment and Subscribe.

How to Install Windows 7 On Mac Using Bootcamp:


Please see below for guide on how to install windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 on to your Mac.

This is a step by step…

20 Comments on Boot Camp Tips & Tricks

  1. You were a great help in guiding me through setting up bootcamp.  Thanks.

  2. do you know how to install the newest video card drivers in bootcamp?

  3. Nice job bud, I am subscribing.

  4. You Cant Thats illegal Well you have to buy a mac so ya if you do that Well thers no way you can do that… 😛

  5. Dear brother I have dell studio laptop
    The configuration is INTER(R) CORE ™ I5 M540 @ 2.53GHz 2.53 GHz
    RAM 6.00 GB DDR 3

  6. Ok, so I'm more familiar with android and don't do much on macs but I booted a messed up version of windows, I always learning new things, anyway i couldn't figure out how to boot back to mac from no functioning system, well I didn't know about the option key, I thought there was a way but have been searching for a month and finnaly found the answer, so I guess this is just a really long ( and sincere ) THANK YOU!!!

  7. hi there, i was wondering if theres any way of creating a shared folder between the bootcamp windows partition and the mac ox one. thanks!!

  8. I need help with my computer. I have loaded windows 7 with boot camp like u showed on ur previus video. But now I cant get back to my mac. It didnt show boot camp menu like u showed.

  9. When i hold the option key in still boots to windows 7 i cant boot in to mac os x 10.6.8

  10. OK thanks, Apu's brother 🙂

  11. i instalized windows 7 on my macbook pro… and i wouldlike to know how too uninstal it.
    please give my an answer

  12. What if whenever I try making a partition, it says "Files cannot be moved"?

  13. @0:22 – Correction, "Windows Vista, Windows XP or even Windows 7 on your Mac"

  14. I'm trying to partition my mac but am struggling to use boot camp. It asks me to download additional support software, but when i try this it tells me that there is no available windows support software. when i try using bootcamp but select the "i have the mac os x installation disk that came with my mac… " option rather than downloading the software, when i ask it to partition it gives an error message that says "The disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved" what do i do?

  15. hi dear, i actually installed windows 7 in my mac system but i dnt know hw i missed mac os and its just shows windows when i press option in booting process of system , system doesn't show mac os, can i get back my mac os. plz help me.

  16. Hello, I have a problem, when I use the bootcamp assistant a message pops up saying " alert, faild to move…" I was told to use the utility disk to repair any problems and then re-star my mac, still even though I've done that, the message pops up and wont let me proceed. can you help me out please. thank you. 🙂

  17. Thank you so much I was stuck on windows :/

  18. You might have been bombarded with this question about BootCamp but … When I get to the partition part of BC, I want to use 45-50 GB, and click the button. It goes about half way, and then tells me "Disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved." And then it goes on about Disk Utility and Enabling Journalling. I've done my best to delete most of the random stuff on my computer, but it still doesn't let me partition. The last resort for me is to use external hard-drive. Help!

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