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Braum Support Tips and Tricks Season 7

Braum support guide season 7. This is Braum support guide for season 7 for anyone wanting to climb as a support. This covers Braum tips and tricks as well as being a support tutorial. Anyone wanting to know how to play Braum should check out this video. In this video I will be going over the tips and tricks I used to go eleven and one while playing Bruam to climb to gold.
My first tip is to almost always try and invade. Braum level one is ridiculously strong, and most people in lower elos do…

12 Comments on Braum Support Tips and Tricks Season 7

  1. this is so helpful im glad i clicked on this

  2. I knew all of these tips 🙂 I didn't even look at any guide etc but still a good video for beginners (Sorry for my English)

  3. E is not a great escape skill, it is ally unit dependent and has a min range req. Making it an ok skill offensively but poor def (as you need something/someone to get out)

  4. I'm a Braum Main and this video still taught me a lot

  5. Thanks very much! item build plz

  6. This is pretty helpful, im a Braum main myself but It still learnt a few good tips watching this video. Good video.

  7. I thought the video would be shit because you are silver/gold level, but its actually quite useful and well spoken. I think you can climb higher 🙂

  8. This video was as like your girlfriend's sex life….low quality with a poor finish.

  9. Very good video!
    just the Quality is low. But its still amazing, want more videos about Braum

  10. Good job making this! One note on not backing with wards, this only applies if you have Sightstone and you dont have 3/3 wards up. Using your trinket to ward the lane while you (and adc) are backing is inefficient. You dont need that vision, and its better to save the trinket cd. If you are not backing to buy a sightstone.

  11. nice and helpful vid , but the quality is bit low.

  12. This video make me wanna try Braum <3

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