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BSNL Speed Hack Upto 16MBPS Tricks !

To increase bsnl broadband speed : India’s very largest internet provider BSNL [Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited] bsnl offering many internet broadband plans with affordable prices, sometimes yours connection landline or 3G modem, wifi routers getting slow as compared your actual internet plan speed, I just find some simple legal hacks and tips to increase your bsnl broadband speed.

6 Comments on BSNL Speed Hack Upto 16MBPS Tricks !

  1. what to search in about:config….your video is not clear…??????????

  2. see he still didnt answer my question. waste of time dont watch fake

  3. what am i search in about:config

  4. what the fuck did you write in firefox after about:config. its not visible someone already asked but you didnt reply this is fake

  5. dude wat did u type in the browser.plz explain?
    will it work for chrome?

  6. What is the application which you open. The "tcp/ip optimizer"??

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