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Burn Video Files to DVD | Play in DVD Player

How to burn video files (specifically .AVI file) to a DVD to be played in most DVD players (DivX compatible players). This has worked for a few different file types that I have tested. It’s quick, free, simple to use and fairly quick.

Download DVD Flick:
Download to imgburn:

How to burn DVD files to DVD to play in DVD players:

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20 Comments on Burn Video Files to DVD | Play in DVD Player

  1. what if i have mp4 format video instead of avi? would i still get the same result?

  2. What if i burn multiple movies in one disc like, 4gb in total, how much time will i require? also when you used imgburn did it take long?

  3. IT wont let me burn the disk the option to do so is greyed out (your last step)? Any help?

  4. if you went to my house to do it

  5. I have two questions for you:
    1. Will DVD Flick work for videos that are MP4 or do they need to be avi?
    2. ImgBurn that I have tried to install contains viruses. My anti-virus alerts me before installing it. Do you have a source that is virus free for ImgBurn?
    Thank you for your help!

  6. How long does it take? ( Im not at the end so idk if you mention how long it took ) I used to use this but it would take LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG to burn one movie.

  7. Will not play on anything but the computer I used to make it

  8. does the file have to be avi in order to play in dvd player?

  9. hey bro, im writing 15 video clip's on a dvd and dvd flicker is telling that time elapsed 49 minutes, can you tell me why?encoding video took a long time :(( and image burn started automaticly


  11. I usually usea DVD Flick but it takes hours to encode, is there any way to make it faster?

  12. cant skip to next track or previous track can only forward the songs i burned on dvd using this

  13. can you tell me why after I upgraded to windows 10 I cannot burn videos anymore in my burner. I have used freemake and other programs. I was told that windows 10 removed the encoder. Is there any way to burn a movie file to play in dvd player???

  14. can you do with the Go Pro?

  15. will every download take an hour to do

  16. noooooooO!noooo! fully chocked

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