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Cable Management Tips & Tricks : Hide Your Cables & Devices

Cable management is a hard thing to master but in this episode I’ll show you an amazingly simple method you have not seen before to clean up all those loose cables and devices!

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20 Comments on Cable Management Tips & Tricks : Hide Your Cables & Devices

  1. had a pics of thin plywood put it behind my desk it was like 1 foot in height and then length of the table I got duct tape and stuck all my cables on the back of it now all my cables are invisible

  2. Watched this a couple of times for inspiration. Not long back from buying me a hot glue gun and getting my power strips glued to the under of my desk as well as a USB hub. Thanks man

  3. I know this is an older video, but did you stain your tables? Or just leave it unfinished? Cause I've been looking at buying the exact same table from Ikea for my computer desk. Also, is the table still holding up with all your TV's and equipment? By the way, great video!

  4. Thanks man! This helped me a lot with my new setup =)

  5. Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan kappa

  6. Why not use tape instead of stapler or hot glue?

  7. Can someone tell me what sub card reader that is

  8. I love the way you explain things well. Subscribed.

  9. It is your fault I just bought a hot glue gun.

  10. This is our dinner table we've had for 10+ years.

  11. Nice tutorial, though I didn't use any of the the tips.

  12. I cant get the glue to hold up a simple cable. how much can this stuff hold up andway?

  13. why not just use velcro?

  14. I've been watching Pimp My Setup and Matt Philie is quite often giving you props for hot gluing stuff #JerryRigged

  15. How did you get batknife?

  16. where can I find that long power strip you have on the wall under your desk?

  17. Did he do a video about that table? Is it custom or can I buy one too? I have been looking for a big plain table for my computer and doing my electronics experiments and homework without constant clutter.

  18. Can you use hot glue on glass ???

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