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Chess Opening TRICK to Win Fast: Fried Liver Attack: Secret Chess Moves, Ideas, Strategy & Traps

In this video, I share with you an amazing chess opening trick to win fast. It is a combination of secret chess moves, ideas, tips, strategy & traps to fool your opponent. This trick is called the Fried Liver Attack. It is used when Black plays the Two Knights Defense. These opening moves are based on variations which are commonly seen in many chess games. This trick will develop your understanding of the game and help you to learn the game better. I will show you all the best possible moves…

47 Comments on Chess Opening TRICK to Win Fast: Fried Liver Attack: Secret Chess Moves, Ideas, Strategy & Traps

  1. Hey Chess Friends! Try out this Awesome Chess Trick on your Friends & let us know if it Worked…

  2. sir plz make a video on lolli attack

  3. Bro which move we should do in opening as a beginner?

  4. You got a new subscriber

  5. "Can apply this trick only if you're white"
    Me: Well fuck white privilage

  6. Hey!! can you give me some tricks if my queen is stuck and is under attack

  7. I love ur video
    it is a good trick i will support the beginning till the end:)

  8. Another awesome video from a awesome guy.
    It was superb u covered all possible variations.
    I tried it againts my friend first time i win but when i tried with my other friend his second move was pawn to g5 instead of bringing its knight into play.
    So plz i request u to show me a good opening attack is second attack is somewhat of this kind by black

  9. u are really genius in chess u are my favourite chess player literary wow

  10. I won many matches by this fried liver trick. Thank you chesstalk????????????????????????

  11. My opponent moved their pawn from D6 to D7. What do I do?

  12. it worked half way and still checkmated me

  13. I would like to ask that whenever I castle my opponent some or the other way check mate's me.. Any advice #jeetendraadvani

  14. If he plays Bc5 the white is lost

  15. wow……it's a good opening..

  16. Hi I am divya your vedio are so good

  17. I have a theory that blocking Qf3+ with the Queen is actually better than Ke6 if you play it out. But I’m not 100% sure.

  18. I am really sad that no new videos are made recently by chess talk

  19. What if after Ng5 black plays Qe7 ?

  20. This z called Italian opening that Paul Morphy mostly played and win

  21. I always do ds but i nvr knew it hs a nm

  22. When l play the fried liver attack to my opponent l reailsed that all the moves are not working because you are oley covering the good moves and my opponent are playing the bad moves so please cover the good moves and bad moves so that l can also find the trick to the bad moves so cover the good moves and bad moves please and l am so sad that l can,t play the fried liver attack agaised my opponend because you are oley covering the good moves so please please please gover the good and bad moves

  23. what if the black bishop moves to e7 , thats the one im struggling with . . .

  24. Which chess application do you use ??

  25. Fried liver is easily countered by TRAXLER TRAP!!! be careful of using this move on higher rank matches

  26. Some tactics are basic.

  27. what if knight moves to d4

  28. I done this trick and won few of games????

  29. In 5:41 if black king moves from d6 to c5, means??? White is screwed by losing one rook???????

  30. Do video in 19 moves

  31. If we give check with knight at c7 queen can capture it

  32. as you have mentioned later that we capture on c5 and black recapture and then we bring our queen out but what if he placed his queen near his pawn

  33. after we capture the pawn on d5 he can also play knight to a5 threatening our bishop on c4 then what we should do

  34. I have to watch YOUR VIDEOS they so good!

  35. Hey! On most of your videos the subtitle is LEARN AWESOME TRICKS TO WIN MORE GAMES i get confused which video I watched or not

  36. Bro tell me how to make doable attack move

  37. At 3:21 What if he blocks check with queen at f6 black queen has supporting pawn at g7. If we take black knight at d5 and check to his king and he moves black king now we cannot take his queen so how we can play in this scennario ?

  38. 1:01 "You can only apply this trick only if you are white" Lmao

  39. I have seen and used billions of moves but couldn't defeat level 3 chess lol

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