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Clash Royale – TOP 50 AMAZING Strategy, Secrets, Tips & Tricks!

Top 50 Amazing Strategies, Secrets, Tips, and Tricks for Clash Royale! You’ve never seen these before! Lots of mind-blowing techniques!

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Today I’d like to share possibly one of my most interesting and most in-depth Clash Royale strategy video. As a big fan of the game, I love discovering new strategies and mechanics, so in this video I’m going to share many of the most interesting strategies, secrets, tips,…

24 Comments on Clash Royale – TOP 50 AMAZING Strategy, Secrets, Tips & Tricks!

  1. Comment below how many of these you didn't know of!

  2. I want to push my trophy…but i Don't how. i want my trophy to 5k up. But every time i reached at around 4.8k than i lose evey single fucking game!!! If any suggestions if you have…..and this is my game id

  3. I have 400 trophy’s and somewhat new, but I have really good cards but lose more than I win .. can someone help me out

  4. Please join my clan! Clan name: KIMOCHI #8LYL89U

  5. thanks for tips ash thats really helpful

  6. I know that you can shut down a hog rider with mini pekka or p.e.k.k.a.

  7. Is there anyone from clan cg gamers???

  8. Beautiful videos, I love them!!! Always interesting and kind!! Can you watch my video, too? I will be grateful

  9. tombstone = MVP

  10. This is the first CR tips video i watch tryhardning to get to the CR leaderboard xD

  11. Didn’t help me I don’t have those cards

    I'll really appreciate it 🙂

  13. Why are you not in pro competitive scene

  14. 4:54 but you did get damage tf!? You stupid

  15. none of this works for anyone who hasn't spent 100's or 1000's of dollars on gems to max level troops…be nice if videos for F2P or lower levels players were showed

  16. My clan name is carny.
    Hope you can me help growing.

  17. I still suck in this game 😀

  18. New clan #9UUOV2OC, Looking for active players for Wars..

  19. You can stop PEKKA by using scalaton army which is in 3 elixier

  20. Best deck of eletro wizard at hog mointain

  21. Which decks have u used ? It seems funny to play.

  22. In youtuber tournamen

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