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Clonezilla Server live tutorial how to image and deploy to client computers

Hello Everyone,
This tutorial will teach you how to use clonezilla live server. You will learn how to image and sysprep the host system and capture to a samba share. Then deploy to a new PC.

20 Comments on Clonezilla Server live tutorial how to image and deploy to client computers

  1. this tutorial is fine in a "non workplace" mode. How about running server so you can PXE boot when you are using multiple laptops/desktops?

  2. i dunno if im just in an impatient mood but it seems like there is so much extra figuring and time wasted not doing the correct thing at first that its driving me nuts. thanks anyway though

  3. Good tutorial. Tried this using version 2.5.1-16 which is a little different from this version, and after a few bumps, got it going as in the video.
    Learned a lot from this, and clonezilla is de best!
    Excellent video.

  4. Very good tutorial, but for server does the same in a far more professional way.. keep going your tutos are great and cristal clear

  5. is it possible to install games in the client? how about the updates

  6. I had to stop watching this after about 10 minute for two reasons:
    1 – Excessive use of the phrase "go ahead and"
    2 – Excessive mouth breathing

  7. Ive tried this, dchp service is not availble on server side

  8. If I have a server eg FreeNas could I add this to it so that I could boot home network pc's from network boot freenas server?

  9. after enter password while mounte othe pc its says not enough space but its showing 218 gb

  10. someone help me understand how you add that 40 gb from ip 0.1 pc to 0.2 pc am unable to do that

  11. Hi 3d. Did you by chance make a newer version? I think there have been some changes recently. Appreciate the video!

  12. If I use this method on some real PCs, and my PCs are diskless, will it still work? I have to do a diskless setup where Linux Ubuntu is the server and Windows for the clients.

  13. Excellent video, very helpful, thanks!

  14. You might want to move your mic a little farther from your face. The heavy breathing is a little off putting. Other then that very helpful information. Thx

  15. Es el peor tutorial de internet que he visto en mi vida

  16. Very good tutorial. It covers clonezilla live and remote boot.

  17. tq sir…very good explainations!

  18. Big thumbs up, this is a great backup plan if FOG server blows up and I need something now. THUMBS UP!!
    Archangel dark, go back to yo mamma's basement.

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