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Close Combat Game – Tips, Tricks and Tactics – The Basics

Close Combat Game – Tips, Tricks and Tactics! We start off with basic beginner tips on how to find out if your men are in good Cover and/or suffering under Suppression. More tips will follow soon!

Make sure you turn on Annotations to see all the tips!

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14 Comments on Close Combat Game – Tips, Tricks and Tactics – The Basics

  1. This game is hard; which makes it cool. Troops position and placement alone is delicate, not to mention every stage/maps offers different situations. defending is quite easier, rather than attacking. The fog of war, enemy mortars, and artillery scared me most….tank battle also became more complex; no sight, no target, no shoot-shoot.

    I lost my pz-4 that try sneaking around town to be blown by hidden 17-pdr.

    Thanks TIK, never knew building could be a bad cover. I guess its a mistake to always look for 2 story tall building for my infantry.

  2. "OK", "You know" "OK"

  3. But the ones in the very south are inside so it should be green

  4. six year later, this is still a good video on tactics. what are you thoughts on the combat mission games.

  5. What's the best one to start with?

  6. Good channel… subbed 🙂

  7. you dont need al that shit the cover you can see like you say half of team is not in the house so shit cover
    you knowe when your suprest when thy duk and the bullits fly over em stop moving and hide ! or force run em into cover

    forcing orders is most inportend like force shoot a building where you think there ar men force shoot whit cannon or tanks
    never whit men 🙂

    keep your leaders alive and force orders if thy dont lisen if thy dont raly or to get tank crews to fight as infantry
    if al your unit leadeders die then units drops like a rock and your comand unit Always keep that alive at al cost

    if you pik units pik units whit lots of men like a sniper unit is just 1 guy so kinda useles take a infanrtie unit of 10 men even if thy ar bad numbers count

    and my best tip of al
    when your troops ar out of ammo!
    move them on death bodys thy wil take the wepons and ammo of the death 😉
    useful for thos longgg games
    so a place on the map where tons of death bodys ar is a place to get new ammo so make sure you controol it !
    and keep a comander close to tanks and cannon
    so it ther cannon or tank gets blown up thy wil flee near the comander
    and keep forcing ordering the fleeing units to take cover thats how you raly them or thy wil run of the map
    i Always saved my tank crews and re arm them whit better wepons 🙂
    also some stuf on the map can explode like oil barrels if you see like oil barles on the map and you see a enemy close to that then use a mortier on that for a big boom its only on a few maps but good to knowe

  8. Hey TIK the close combat games have just released on! so I bought Close combat: A Bridge Too Far and played it for the first time! that´s is why i went back to this video to get some tips and tricks 🙂

  9. Thank you so much Mate!

  10. I wonder if tank armour should come into factor, a tank is usually better protected from the front, while side and rear is weaker

  11. I always use outlines for cover, it shows each individual soldier cover, and with some carefully placement you can place teams even in not so great cover 😉

  12. if this is the basics then perhaps call it that instead of part 1

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