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CMD Prompt – Hacking, Tips, Tricks.♥ ( DDOS’ing, Basic Commands, And more. )

Hey guys whasup! Its the FiveCent5 here with a cool little tutorial, and if you haven’t seen my video on how to code, it might help;

You will learn how to; DDOS, Basic commands, and remote shutdowns all in this video.

Check out my friend Commando;

I hope you guys enjoyed, and leave a like if it helped.
Join my minecraft server!;

I do not take resposiblity for anything…

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13 Comments on CMD Prompt – Hacking, Tips, Tricks.♥ ( DDOS’ing, Basic Commands, And more. )

  1. thanks pal ! i cant wait to ddos all my friends !

  2. man i was a baller back then!!

  3. can you see if somone is ddosing you in cmd????

  4. what is the use of ping command /?

  5. This is such bullshit. Remote shutdown doesn't do shit unless you have a network account with admin or moderator status. Normal users can't do shit without administrative privileges.

    He says he's not responsible for anything bad that happens, the only bad thing that would happen is me looking like a dumbass for listening to him 

  6. Don't listen to him, it's all wrong and none of these 'hacks' are useful. This 'haxor' is full of garbage.

  7. to explain the ping command used. ping will as default send 4 packs at 32 bytes per pack. Now there is whats called echo response this is how many times you want to ping a server its code is -n but is relatively useless   the -l in this command is the packet size and -t loops the ping command so it will not stop until you stop it. Command= ping (ip here) -n (between 1 and 10) -l ( between 1 and 65000) -t 

  8. what if i shutdown my computer using it that would be weird to be arrested for doing it to your self

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