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20 Comments on cmd tricks and hacks

  1. I'm learning to hack, u never know when this could come in handy!

  2. @goonminiclips47 :L your funny 🙂 but if your dumb enough to get caught well then, don't try hacks and btw as i have stated above this is for educational purposes only. what you do with the knowledge is up to you i mean it's good to know things? never know when they might come in handy.

  3. @2010Pker then you might want to try wordpad or simply premake stuff at home then bring it to school using winrar.

  4. rofllllllll they blocked note pads at my school

  5. @50hotie I have never tried it on windows 7 but im sure it will work. The only thing you need to remember is when u get command prompt up it must be from system32 and not just from your desktop

  6. does it work in windows 7

  7. That's real nice 🙂
    I'll try them all at my school, hahaa

  8. u need to right-click cmd and run as administrator. u hav to do this even if ure logged in to admin account, i know it sucks! u prolly have vista or 7, thats y

  9. @doctoritachiuchiha20 Alright, if your doing this on vista, then you need to riht click it and run run as admin. If it comes up with UAC (asing for an admin password) try 1, 12, 123, 1234, 12345. Also school, class, admin, -nothing-, abc, 123abc. Only use this stuff if your trying to hack at school if it's not school those passes wont work.

  10. Ok what you do is:
    1) premake files at home and ask a mate for his loggon and make a new account througfh his loggon and hack then when they interragate him tell him to say either he wasn't at school or he wasn't using the computers or some shiet like that
    2) disconnect the ethernet cable before you log in then do all the shiet at school (however with this method you can't send messages and stuff over the net work)

  11. haha im not pro just a few tricks 😛

  12. You look like a pro computer expert guy…

  13. the Last Part Was COOL sending Msg when ur in thE sChOOl



  14. ty so uch school computers lol… i rule them im admin now and i have full access to all site >:P

  15. This is quite useful to do in school if you're bored. If for some reason you find that you can't open these at school, bring the batch files in on a flash drive.

  16. what did you type at saving as echo to access control panel?

  17. save it as (anything).bat An you don't need to write the same thing 500 times over

  18. what did you type at saving as @echo

  19. nice video, i couldnt read where you were saving as @echo, or something like that. what did you type?

  20. 😮 im my computer admin lol

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