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CODE 43 Error fixing method for windows 7 64 bit and 32bit

Windows 7 code 43 error fixing trick
How to fix errors on windows 7 64 bit and 32 bit

Steps :
1: Registry
2: Fnd usbstore and change value
3: Go to system32
4: find file Repository folder
5: follow the video for better understanding

This video i made only for educational purpose

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42 Comments on CODE 43 Error fixing method for windows 7 64 bit and 32bit

  1. Had this problem when I added a 2nd older video card
    Turned out to be the nvidia drivers I installed didn’t support that older video card so I just installed an older driver which supported both cards and it worked, hope this helps


  3. Thanks a lot.Subscribe and like.Love you,Bro.

  4. It doesn't work nigga !!!
    What do I do man ?

  5. not working maybe i did wrong

  6. Oh My God, Thankyou it work flawlessly!

  7. i usually dont comment at all on youtube but this saved me
    i updated windows from build 1803 to 1809 and suddenly my GPU wasnt recognized and stopped working
    after reinstalling windows and updating BIOS and trying everything else i thought my GPU was broken
    i have a nvidia geforce gtx 770
    watch this video and do the opposite
    i didnt have a usbstor.PNF in the first folder but one in the INF folder
    so i copied it to the first folder from the INF folder and it worked after a restart
    i also used that bcdedit /set pciexpress forcedisable command in cmd.exe as an admin before the restart
    thank you very much sir you saved a poor student a lot of money

  8. it work for 4 min and its back 🙁

  9. Bingo!!! It worked, Thanks.

  10. I try to follow your instructions but still not working

  11. Well I try to follow ur trouble shooting instructions but it still not working

  12. In the end we r all cheap wasting our time instead of buying a new controller or whatever device bec the prob is in the device it self try it with any pc the device will still be shit

  13. Razer DeathAdder 3.5g код 43 не помогло. unknown device…

  14. I love you bro. Aapne toh mujhe daat khaane se bachaa liya ????????????????

  15. I tried everything n did the same direction but it's still showing the same problem

  16. Thanks a lot! such lovely trick.It helped me a lot

  17. It does not work , waste of time .
    The worst video , please do not watch.

  18. corcas ko side main kar dete

  19. Problem rectified thank u

  20. no usbstor.pnf …??

  21. Thanks a ton brother .You saved my costly medical equipment .Get very annoyed because of Code 43 message .Now everything is fixed and working properly.You rockz brother.
    You saved me and my instrument.
    Good wishes

  22. their are 3 folder with this name

  23. when this progress video then not showing USB

  24. how to fix for intel hd graphic?

  25. I lovu You man, thanks so much <3


  27. Dude, I have like 7 (usb.inf_amd64) files. How do I which is which?

  28. thanks, you are the man..

  29. please do it with graphics card

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