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Coin Pusher Tutorial + Tips

This is my first video of a coin pusher machine, also a really fun arcade game to play. I go over the basics of the machine, how it works, and give a few tips and try to make it rich!!




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20 Comments on Coin Pusher Tutorial + Tips

  1. Ive won $20 from one of these before, a roll of quarters with a $10 bill wrapped around it!

  2. Just drop several quarters at once. You are welcome.


  4. How much do you think is in thear

  5. why did i watch this for 11 minutes

  6. Felt like I was there with you.

  7. Why dont you just bring a hammer smash the glass put all the money and run?

  8. Anyone else notice this guy looks like Steve-O, except he's not as cool.

  9. hey dude! if we call magneto we wouldn't have this problem

  10. I'll save you guys the time, he doesn't actually have any tips, and he doesn't make any money.

  11. When I was a kid I went to an arcade, in UK, when I was on holiday. I dont know why but I pull the cover and it lifted, I was in shock. I looked around and then lifted it and slid a load of coins off the edge with my hand. I filled my pockets and did it again 3 times, a guy on the other side said "how you keep winning", he came round and i showed him. I did a bit more and my pockets were full, so I walked to the exit, when I turned back to look at the machine I see they guy standing there next to a security guard pointing at me. lol. So I quickly jogged off holding my heavy pockets. Only down side was they were 2pence peices which arn't worth much. I did find a gokarting track nearby and he let me have 5 minutes in the car for all the coins 😉 These things are designed to lose your money. If I went back I'd get a high powered electro-magnet, see if that helps my odds ;-D

  12. Matt if you think these coin pusher try Hastings seafront arcade

  13. thats so funny to watch it :D

  14. How does he have 300,000 subs?

  15. What stores can i play coin pushers ?

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